Parliamentary Legal demanding Mahmoud send Judiciary Law to its association with the Federal Court

March 4, 2016 13:06
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Chairman of the Parliamentary Legal Committee Muhsin al-Saadoun, head of the judiciary Medhat al-Mahmoud called to expedite the sending authority law without lingered; it relates to the approval of the Federal Court Act, the reform of the judiciary.
He said Saadoun told I followed news agency Buratha, that "what is delaying the decision of the Federal Court Act is its association with three related laws await its arrival to the committee," noting that "the judiciary is separate from other authorities, and the reform process which requires that there be legislation, laws, and the judiciary It sent three bills to the cabinet; to be sent to the House of Representatives, a public prosecutor, and judicial supervision, and the law of the Supreme judicial Council. "
He stressed that the "legal prosecutorial, and judicial supervision and arrived to the Legal Committee, and has been discussed, but they relate to the Supreme Judicial Council Act, but the Commission is waiting; in order that there will be a package laws to approve the Federal Court Act," adding that "the Council of the Judiciary Act exists in the House State Shura, and we demand to send him to parliament, quickly, and without lingered; to be the reform of the judiciary movement. "
The House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, had given legal representative on 6 February last week to resolve the legal {Federal Court, the general amnesty}, and to find solutions on the points of contention; to be presented to Parliament and vote on them.
It is said that "political disagreements prevented reaching a private points of agreement on a range of important laws, especially the law of the Federal Court, the general amnesty."