Allawi's coalition: presidencies and the leaders of the blocs meeting was not the level of ambition and challenges


Thursday 0.3 March 0.2016

Chairman of the parliamentary bloc , the National Coalition MP Kadhim al - Shammari, confirmed that the three presidencies and the leaders of the political blocs to a meeting yesterday evening was not the level of ambition and the scale of the challenge.

He said in a statement : "The meeting held yesterday between the three presidencies and the leaders of political blocs and continued for more than three hours was not the level of ambition what we had hoped for in light of the challenges facing Iraq as a whole, where we did not find there is no clear vision of the Prime Minister about the mechanics of building the next phase or a roadmap includes providing realistic solutions to get out of these crises. "

Shammari said that" the national and at the meeting found that there are many contradictions between what is demanded by the Iraqi people and what is being announced by the head of the government on the one hand and between the slate put forward in the scenes special Maitalq them to go beyond sectarian quotas and Altakndqat Almkoonatih since 2006 until today, which brought the country to the brink of the abyss. "

Is that the reshuffle is the necessity or not? "noting that" there were an evaluation mechanism must be through the political program which formalized the current government and voted by the parliament , "and urged the President of the House of Representatives , " the formation of a committee to review the implementation of the government 's political program and if the program has been implemented are the renewal of confidence in the government and that it was contrary We work on the withdrawal of confidence from. "

He explained that" the masses want to override the quota system and build a state of citizenship based on justice, equality and the rule of law and eliminating corruption , which went to the religious authority as well, but today we see talking about the ingredients , "pointing to " the national coalition for Aantmi to component represents all of Iraq, not of justice and reasonable to take into account the demands of the minority to have three or four seats in parliament , and ignoring the demands of the bloc has 21 seats because they do not represent."

The Al - Shammari said that "the political blocs agreed to be there meeting the last over a short period between the Prime Minister and the leaders of the blocks to display targeted ministries amendment. "

The three presidencies meeting was held in the home of President Fuad Masum yesterday evening in the presence of a key Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives Haider Abadi and Saleem al - Jubouri , and all the leaders of the political blocs. The meeting discussed the forthcoming cabinet reshuffle and the financial crisis and the implications of the security situation.