Vegetative: considered the Arab Interior Ministers [Hezbollah] terrorist organization serves the Zionist enemy .

The president of the citizen Bloc Hamid vegetative Arab Interior Ministers Council resolution yesterday that the Lebanese Hezbollah as a "terrorist organization" category in it.
The vegetation in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "This decision [which is not consistent with the support of the Arab peoples to Hezbollah] region does not increase, but complicated at a time when we seek the stability and the transition to phases of more harmonious and coherent among Arab countries ".
He noted that "what has been adopted by the Arab Interior Ministers is in favor of the Zionist enemy within the framework of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and does not serve the relations within the Arab world."
He vegetative "It was better for the Council of Arab Interior Ministers is to condemn human rights violations by the Zionist enemy and committing massacres against the Palestinian people and condemnation of the brutal crimes committed by Daash terrorist in Iraq and Syria."
And the price of vegetative "position of Interior Minister Mohamed Ghaban and his withdrawal from the Arab Interior Ministers' conference in Tunis in protest at this decision."
The final statement of Arab interior ministers had said on Wednesday the Lebanese Hezbollah [a terrorist organization caused the destabilization of the region, and held Iraq responsible for the kidnapping of Qatari fishermen] "and withdrew its impact on the Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban, in the session.
Among Ghaban in a press statement, "The withdrawal came after he surprised the distribution conferees decisions without being seen by one in advance, was not discussed in the Preparatory Committee as usual and we announced our reservations on the methodology dictation and domination of one party over the Council's decisions and dragging others into political positions that serve the interests of one party or another as well as the decisions of the statement included our point of consideration, we have handed our discretion to the President of the Council and the Secretary General of the Conference. "