Abadi: Mosul fell into corruption and conspiracy

He attributed the general commander of the armed forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi fall of the city of Mosul, however Daash terrorist gangs in June 2014 to iPods state corruption and conspiracy that took place in the events. "
Ebadi said in his speech at the national cohesion for the Liberation of the Western Regions Conference was held on Thursday that "corruption is trying to block a reform movement and victories, and corruption, which has eroded the body of the Iraqi state is contributed to occupy Daash gangs of Iraqi territory along the plot that happened then."
He added that "the country on the verge of an era of victories and reforms that the people angry masses against Daash gangs against corruption stand with us."
The Prime Minister noted that "we put a priority when it seemed our work and we managed it through the transition from defense to attack, and here we are to achieve victories and today our heroine raised the Iraqi flag eastern blather, and that these victories will continue and will not stop and will edit western Anbar fully and we will be with you there."
He said, "No one can prevent the Iraqis from participating edit home because the country's interest and the interest of our people and our heroine is most important for us political intervention should not be with the military action, and will not allow that displays this interference our troops at risk in order to satisfy this or that party. ".
Abadi reiterated "his call for the formation of a transient mass sectarianism and regionalism and Almkoonatih and be for all Iraqis, and we have seen and heard in response to this call."
He pointed out that "the country lost 85 percent of its oil revenues as a result of the collapse of oil prices, we face difficult challenges, but we achieve victories and we are working to repair the situation."
Abadi stressed that "we have no other way but to work together and to move forward in spite of the differences Vouhdtna a source of strength for all and we will come out stronger and the country and everyone will win, either disunity will lead to failure and will fail and everyone would be affected by the country and its citizens."