Change: Code of conduct of Deputies did not focus on obliging MP to stay away from sectarian remarks

​ Change parliamentary bloc, said on Thursday that a "code of conduct of Deputies passed hastily in yesterday's session, and it did not focus on the need to compel the Attorney stay away from sectarianism statements."
The bloc Prime Hoshyar Abdullah in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of "Yesterday saw discuss a very important issue included on the agenda of the House of Representatives for a blog parliamentary behavior, was voted to the Code by the Board, but according to our opinion, was there are things that are very important we were hoping to be included in the blog post discussed extensively, and more than once asked the President of the Council giving us the opportunity to speak, but was unfortunately passed hastily unjustified, so I would like to pay tribute to some of the things that have been overlooked in the blog. "
He added that "We believe that one of the most important issues that are related to the issue of parliamentary behavior is the extent of MP's commitment to the national discourse and maintaining peaceful coexistence and to stay away from inciting sectarian strife and racism, it is unfortunate that hardly a day goes by we do not hear it charged remarks intolerance ugly and the spirit of hatred by some both across TV screens or even in this press release, or even within the parliament the center, as we have seen that this negative situation turned into a partisan, political and parliamentary phenomenon was better for us to put an end to it through a code of Deputies behavior, this never means compromising freedom of expression, but we although the parliament is the starting point of views and discussions seriousness and actors that are in the interest of the nation and citizenship, and not to be an incitement to the fragmentation of society. "
He continued, "I believe that the House of Representatives is not a classroom where the House of Representatives is committed to silence, it is also the case in parliaments around the world a platform to exchange views and varied or quarreled Different among themselves, but provided that they are in favor of the cohesion of Iraqi society more and not vice versa, as must convey differences Iraqi street to parliament rather than our differences, that we export to the street. "
Abdullah stressed that "parliamentary behavior should not be reduced to some superficial things because it is much deeper than that, especially since it reflects the qualities that must be displayed by MP-elect through his speech and his views and his work, which must be on the Iraqi Human Service First, we have tried to suggest Representatives formula required to adopt a national speech and stay away from any sectarian incitement intentional or unintentional, and that our commitment to the oath which Rddnah, but unfortunately confiscated our right to make our opinion on this important topic. "
The House of Representatives voted yesterday on a code of conduct of Deputies.