Kurdistan Alliance: Maliki will pay the price dearly for fighting other political blocs
Saturday, March 17 / March 2012 19:48

[Baghdad - where]

Threatened the Kurdistan Alliance MP Farhad Atrushi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his likes Yassin Majeed to pay a high price hostility to other political blocs. "

He said in a statement to all of Iraq [where] the day that al-Maliki and his silent before and after the elections and stop the harassment of Kurdistan and the owners when it was what he wanted to have won the prime minister returned and attacked the province of Kurdistan. "

He said the Kurdistan Alliance MP to be what is happening on the political scene today is a conflict between the mentalities mentality centralized want to tyrannize and the unique power and want to dominate the new Iraq and the mentality you want to distribute the powers between the regions and provinces, and that everyone involved in the management of the new Iraq and decision-making political. "

He Atrushi that the Kurds are not a party to the sectarian conflict, and that Yassin Majid will not be able to move the Shiite street against the Kurds, because our relations strategy with the Supreme Council and we have a strong relationship with the Sadrists, despite some statements convulsive issued by some MPs Liberal bloc also that we have strong relationships components with other Shiite because we have many participants in the common struggle and resistance against oppression and the Baath. "

He said the Kurdistan Alliance MP said Yassin Majid wants to prevent conflict between Maliki and the Kurdistan region into conflict Shiite-Sunni and into conflict Shiite Kurd, said he wants to say to the street the Shi'ite Kurds year and they sided with the Arab Sunnis against Shiites, "adding," Valaitmin Yassin Majeed and his because this will not happen because we are not against the Shiites against Shiites and we did not never. "

He Atrushi statements Yassin Majeed failed attempt to sow discord between the PUK and the Kurdistan Democratic Party because he is subject is over and we do not need someone reminds us of him and he was wrong strategic and signed it for many reasons, including the state, which works to their advantage Yassin Majid, "challenging" in the same time glorious that comes as one of the figures announced by the Barzani today collusion with the Baath regime. "

Atrushi and that the problem of the Kurdistan Alliance is not with the Shiites but with al-Maliki as head of the Dawa Party, and who are al-Maliki with the likes of Yasin Majeed. "

He asked the Kurdistan Alliance MP said, Was it not the masters of Yasin Majid, who is in the Kurdistan region in the time of the former regime and they were saying that this land is the land of the free and the land of the resistance and the mujahideen and we help them in every way and we were Nm in our mountains and our homes and we give them from our daily and Arezagna and those activists of the Dawa party of the likes of Abdul Halim Zuhairi and other activists of the Dawa Party. "

Atrushi said that the former regime was accusing us of killing innocent people and this land became the land of the rebels and the land of sinners, and today Yassin Majeed restore these same statements. "

He accused the MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, Iraqi government and the annexation of Yassin Majeed League of the Righteous into the political process and they were the cause of the killing of one of the Sadrists in the last year and accused them of why they killed many of the Shiite and Sunni alike. "

He pointed out that Atrushi Yassin Majeed and his clique have become rulers of Iraq and want to restore the same image of the former regime, "calling on" the Iraqi people that be the rule on such actions. "

Statements and fever escalated today between state law and the Kurdistan Alliance, especially after the MP attacked Yassin Majeed, a coalition of law Kurdistan leader Massoud Barzani on the back for refusing to deliver his remarks, Vice President of the Republic required to eliminate Tariq al-Hashimi.

Majid said in a statement to all of Iraq [where] on Saturday that "Barzani's comments about the al-Hashemi, in which he said that the ethics Kurdish does not allow his extradition to Baghdad and we wonder you allow morality Kurdish hosting a man accused of killing innocent civilians and wonder how it allowed the ethics of Kurdish in 31 per August 1996, enter the Iraqi Intelligence Service and the Iraqi army during the previous regime to the Kurdistan region and arrested between [700-900] people of the freedom fighters of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Iraqi National Congress and became yet missing and unknown until now. "