[Where] decision to publish the text of the Code of Conduct of Deputies

The agency publishes all of Iraq [where] the text of the decision for adding paragraphs to the Code of Conduct of Deputies, which the House of Representatives vote for it in its meeting, on Wednesday, March 2nd.

According to the text of the resolution ...
Based on the provisions of Article 148 of the Rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives, and in order to reconsider the formulation of the rules of the current parliamentary behavior and the development of mechanisms effective to set the rules of parliamentary behavior into practice what that would meet the goal of existence, in order to ensure as much of the required respect for the rules of parliamentary conduct and deter violation , taking advantage of the best experiences of parliamentary and parliamentary norms prevailing, it was decided as follows:
1. Add the following item to the parliamentary rules of conduct for the House of Representatives: -
Fifth: the formation of a parliamentary committee temporary membership includes representatives of parliamentary blocs with legal terms of reference and who have political experience and working parliament for a long time, and the elderly, would consider and validate the violations of the rules of parliamentary behavior and the requirements of the capacity and the duty of Deputies attributed to masters of the House of Representatives and the Committee in order to perform functions as follows: -
1-investigation in writing with the MP in question and witnesses.
2-hearing and take testimony on the Attorney and witnesses.
3-access to all documents and data that you see the need to be found.
4-Committee conducting the investigation on the absence of MP if he refuses to attend despite being notified, in accordance with the following procedures:
A-must not be less than the time between the MP Report on the deadline for the Commission for three days.
(B) the Commission to listen to the words of MP and investigate aspects of his defense.
C. If backwardness MP from the audience, the Commission re-notification according to previous rules, if retardation thereafter without an acceptable excuse, the Commission will continue to direct its actions.
5-emancipation of the minutes of the Committee to prove the actions they have taken and what I heard from the testimony with the recommendations of the greenhouse, while the non-accountability of the deputy and the closure of the investigation, or to impose one of the following penalties and raise all this to the Presidency of the Council: -
C-prevention of Speech (five sessions) in a row.
(D) the denial of participation in any of the council for a period not exceeding one month.
E dropping membership, and that when there is evidence of serious violations of the rules of conduct of Deputies, or the requirements of the parliamentary capacity or duty of Deputies.
6. The Committee takes into account the principle of proportionality between the level of punishment recommended by, the size of the offense attributed to the deputy in question.
7. A-recited minutes of the Committee's recommendations to the Council for a vote.
B-except for the penalty set out in paragraph (e) of clause (v) of these rules, decisions relating to these Regulations absolute number of members of the majority.
(C) is required to bring down the organic approval of two-thirds of the council members and taking into account the measures provided for in this Regulation and the Council may decide to make the vote a secret.
8. prosecutor who is deprived of participation in the work of the Council under the provisions of paragraph (d) of item (v) of these rules that are required to stop the provisions of this decision if offered an apology in writing to the President of the Council, recorded the regret for what happened from it, and recited his apology at the meeting and shall be published in the website of the Council, and in a local newspaper that necessitated Alammer- and at the discretion of Alriash- body, the Council shall decide on the request without discussion.
9. If repeat of the deputy in the Council is in session with something that requires the denial of participation in the work of the session do not accept his apology, and for the Council in this case deprived of his participation in a period not exceeding two months.
10. The deputy who was deprived of participation in the work of the Council under the provisions of these rules absent from attending the proceedings for the duration of deprivation, and cut off his financial allocations for such period.
11. If the parliamentarian, who was deprived of participation in the work of the Council under the provisions of these rules Risaa or vice chairman of a parliamentary committee or scheduled consequent removal from office of the Commission, the Council is in session, which inflicted the penalty right through it.
12. The committee formed under item (V) on its own initiative or upon receipt of news stating the existence of a breach of the base or more of these rules by the members of a fact-finding inquiry and after notifying the board presidency.
2-from its date of issuance