Masum Patriarch of Antioch and discuss the situation of Christians

Search President Fuad Masum, with His Holiness Mar Ignatius Ephrem II, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East Supreme Head of the Syriac Orthodox Church of the situation of Christians in the country.

According to a presidential statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "infallible received at the Peace Palace in Baghdad Patriarch of Antioch and All the East Supreme Head of the Church of the Syriac Orthodox, at the head of a delegation that included Archbishop Mar Morris Jacob Patriarchal Vicar Bishop Severios Hawa head of community in Baghdad and Basra, were during the meeting, they talked about the overall political situation and the importance of the historical role of the Syriac Christians in the country's service within the diverse spectrum of Iraq.
President infallible and stressed the need for Iraqi unity and community reconciliation as they represent one of the pillars in the consolidation of stability and harmony, and look forward to a prosperous future for the country, stressing that Christians authentic component had a significant role in building the civilization of Iraq, reiterated his condemnation of the targeting of Christians and other minorities by organizing Daash, He called to meet their legitimate demands.
For his part, His Holiness Mar Ignatius eighth, according to the statement, the president's role infallible in achieving national unity and harmony among all sects, thanking interest in supporting the legitimate demands of all sects, including Christians who lived in Iraq for thousands of years and participated in the construction and development of the country.