The use of a global training curriculum for the development of planning
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Thread: The use of a global training curriculum for the development of planning

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    The use of a global training curriculum for the development of planning

    The use of a global training curriculum for the development of planning

    3/3/2016 0:00

    BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
    Who specializes in economic affairs stressed the need for the advancement of the planning, they returned him of the most important steps of development work that determines the paths of success and achieve the desired goals for each productive project or service.

    Global curriculum

    Competent in economic affairs Ali tempted exhorted the need for the advancement of the planning and preparation of local competencies able to manage the level of the planning process competes with international and regional experiences.

    Pointing out that this matter requires action on the high level of interest in using the training methods are supported in the best states
    the world.

    He added in an interview with «morning»: The «economic integration requires integrated action in all stages of development sought by Iraq, planning is an important address in this trend, and we have to keep in our calculations that the field of planning in the world has witnessed great development in the entire joints, and we have to empower competencies to work direction that achieves economic development.

    International experiences

    Tempted said that international experiences have proved a great success in the field of planning and must take advantage of them and using them to serve Iraq, particularly benefit from the planning mechanism for small and medium enterprises that have achieved great success in many countries, preferably the transfer of these experiences to Iraq in order to recruit the central bank allocations for these projects direction
    the correct.

    He pointed out that the financing of small and medium-sized trials is not new to Iraq, where recent years have seen funding for programs aimed at the thousands of projects, which requires overcome the problems that have accompanied that stage and the adoption of new financing to service stage

    Large transactions

    Tempted stressed the need to communicate with the evolving international effort, as the need requires the development of banking products with the growth of the lending process, as well as any new products contribute to attracting investment effort and have the capital where investment is always looking for and one of its components advanced banking services are ideal investment environment that can deal with the capital Large.

    He stressed the importance of planning for the development of the banking sector, which is the task of providing services comparable to foreign banks opened branches in Iraq, services, pointing out that the great work in Iraq needs a big local and international efforts to implement the projects in all production and service sectors of the generality of the cities that suffered the stages of the negligence of successive lifted levels of the need for new projects.

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