Bremer still prohibits the export of Iraqi products and disrupts important contracts to ease economic crisis

2016-03-02 21:01:05 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Government officials confirmed that the CPA civil and former governor of Iraq, Paul Bremer decisions, banned the export of a number of industrial products and raw materials, wondering mounting criticism of the Iraqi economy being one - sided, while attributing specialists not to cancel these decisions , "unfair" yet to shift a lot of politicians traders.

Consultant Abadi: croaking on our economy being one - sided and suppress non - oil exports

He said the economic advisor to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, in an interview to the (long - Presse), " The Alliance authority issued to Prevent the export of Iraqi goods out of the country in 2003 , a decision is still valid , " adding that " the decision to prevent Iraq from exporting dozens of Vehicle productivity as a result of concerns no longer exist today. "

Saleh added that "several Gulf countries asked to import gravel and cement from Iraq , but Bremer 's decision to prevent that," returned to " the export of such material can help in the face of the current economic crisis."

Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, relevant ministries, such as trade, industry and student and returned the need to "raise the issue and push for the abolition of Bremer 's decision , " stressing that " the abolition of those decisions need to enact a law by the House of Representatives for re - regulating exports and imports according to modern foundations encourage economic activity and axes export ".

He was surprised at the benefit, of "mounting criticism of the Iraqi economy as a unilateral dependence on oil, while other exports suppressed."

Darraji: hidden points you want to keep Bremer 's decisions to eliminate the Iraqi industry

For his part, Minister of Industry and Minerals, Mohammad Darraji, in an interview to the (long - Presse), " The subtle bodies works to keep the decisions Bremer and prevent Iraq from exporting to eliminate the Iraqi industry," noting that "called on the House of Representatives to review the decisions Bremer, also called Council of Ministers to prepare a draft law eliminates the economic decisions to the authority of the coalition. "

He accused al - Darraji, Bremer as " a mean hit the industry and turn Iraq into a market for the products of other countries," adding that "Iraq 's production of cement for the year 2015 the past, reached 20 million tons , while the country 's need 17 million only, and it is possible to export the surplus , but Bremer 's decision hindered that".

Specialists: Turning politicians to cancel decisions of traders blocked Bremer

He said the head of the Iraqi National Business Council, David Zayer, in an interview to the (long - Presse), " The manufacturers insist on the abolition of the decision Bremer No. 30 relating to financial management , " noting that " the Council is working on it for more than two years, but it reached the road impasse with the government. "

Zayer said, that " the decisions Bremer restricted the private sector and he was prevented from exporting its products and raw materials," the surprising "not to cancel these decisions , despite what the injury caused to the Iraqi economy."

In turn, the economist said spokesman Antoine, in an interview to the (long - Presse), said that "many experts and economists recommended that ten years ago the need to cancel the CPA unfair to Iraqi industry" decisions, pointing out that such "recommendations fell on deaf ears by lawmakers as a result of lack of understanding of the exact meaning of the industry and the transformation of many politicians to traders profaned the Iraqi market. "

The First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives, Hamoudi called in ( the 25th of February 2016), to review and cancel the decision of 30 for the year 2003 that has been applied in the absence of the legislative authority in 2003 where he was which prevent the production and export of any local products outside the country , "and urged to" activate decisions supporting agricultural and industrial products and in the possession of the State Council. "