House of Representatives finish reading three bills and vote on the decision of the parliamentary code of conduct

2016/3/2 18:16

House of Representatives voted in its regular thirteenth President of the Council, headed by Salim al-Jubouri, and the presence of 249 deputies Today Wednesday, 02.03.2016, the decision regarding the code of conduct in Parliament finished reading three bills.

A statement by the Iraqi Council of Representatives received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Wednesday, "in the beginning of the meeting the President of the House of Representatives to hold a special session on Thursday devoted to the discussion of the mechanics of the work of the Council and its development.

The statement added that the council postponed a vote on the draft imports Municipalities Act and sponsored by financial services, construction, legal committees to some pending proposals made by the Committees of Awqaf and Religious and Legal Affairs and voted upon at the next session Monday.

The statement pointed out that "the House of Representatives voted on membership of the Media MP Jamal Khan Health and rejected the appeal submitted by MP Murad Agha raised against membership of the MP.

The statement continued that "the Council voted on the membership of the MP Hamid Hassan Sinead health reportedly appeal submitted by Mr. comprehensive Mohammed Hussein, who belongs to the block of the Islamic Dawa Party.

And went on the statement that "on the other hand, the Council voted on a blog Parliament behavior regarding what comes out of the behaviors or actions or matters relating to custom Parliamentary and without taking into account the prestige of the Council and the state have regard to the distortion and the behavior is wrong and the Council can not have tolerated such behavior, and according to the provisions of Article 148 of the rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives, which aims to re-examine the formulation of rules of conduct in Parliament and the current development of mechanisms effective to set the rules of parliamentary behavior into practice what that would meet the goal of its existence and to ensure that as much of the required respect for the rules of parliamentary behavior and deterrence to take advantage of the best parliamentary experiences.

And the statement that "the House of Representatives traded issue deputies and was the last of them limit is exhausted vacations in accordance with the rules of procedure.

The statement noted that "al-Jubouri confirmed the existence of a fixed roof for those who wish ladies and gentlemen deputies leave and leave if it is exceeded, it also identified vehicles will reach the issue to bring down the organic extent, alluding to some of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives have reached the final limit of vacations and absences, which must then dropping membership, pointing that the presidency of the Council of Representatives will present an ultimatum and finally those who were exhausted vacations.

The statement pointed out that "the president of the House of Representatives called for the no objection from the House of Representatives to provide proof of the contrary, where the Council will go toward activating stipulated by the rules of procedure, pointing out that the meeting next Monday will bring the issue of absences and discussed in detail.

The statement said "it was the first reading of the draft law on ratification financial agreement relating to a loan of the World Bank submitted to the Republic of Iraq dated 02/03/2014 and submitted by the committees of Foreign Financial Relations Act in order to strengthen financial relations between the Republic of Iraq and the World Bank to encourage the development efforts in Iraq after he was signed in Baghdad on 02/03/2014 on the financial agreement to finance the transport corridors for the Ministry of Construction and Housing, the Minister of Finance agency on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the World Bank and its ratification.

The statement added that "The Council completed reading the report and discuss the draft law on ratification agreement on economic and technical cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the State of Kuwait and submitted by the Committees for Foreign and economy, investment, financial services and construction cooperation relations law.

The statement continued that "the MP Riad Ghareeb stressed that Iraq and Kuwait's interest to strengthen ties and bonds between them and to correct what has been vandalized by the previous regime noting that" Rep. Nora Albjara pointed out that the agreement with Kuwait broader even than the Framework Agreement signed with the United States.

And the statement that "the MP Birwan Khilani demanded that the Convention refers to the importance of the State of Kuwait to cancel the debt after the signature pointing out that" high Nassif MP called on to determine the percentage of the vote on the agreement in the Council, calling for a review of previous agreements.

The statement stressed that "the Attorney Joseph Saliwa urged the importance of building balanced relations with neighboring countries through these agreements with the advantage of the EU's experience in various fields, noting that" MP Mohammad Naji proposed to amend the paragraph relating to the meeting of the Committee and make it bi-monthly to assess the work.

The MP Abdul Salam al-Maliki, the need for the relations with Kuwait are based on good neighborliness and respect for national sovereignty, adding that "in response to the remarks of Representatives, the Committee on stressed keenness on taking into consideration the proposals of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives opinions in order to mature the bill.

The statement continued that "the House of Representatives finished reading the report and discuss a draft law defining the mandates of the three presidencies and submitted by the Legal Committee noting that" MP Abbas al-Bayati expressed reservations about the legislation restricts the law being a party to another account.

The statement pointed out that "the MP Farhad capable demanded inclusion of the three presidencies in the Kurdistan region and across the bill," MP Aziz Ugaili support for the enactment of the law being regulated devolution in line with the content of the constitution.

The statement stressed that "MP Hassan Turan urged to speed up the legislation of the law as required by the emerging democracy of a law to prevent monopoly in any position for an open, noting that" MP Zana Saeed called for the need to enact the law and that includes all the top positions in the joints of the state, both in the center and the region.

The statement added, "and showed the MP high Nassif that the bill has nothing to cover illegal or unconstitutional and inconsistent with the offenses he underlined that" the constitutional articles MP Najiba Najib called to mind the constitutional provisions, particularly related to the powers of the regions that does not conflict with the constitutional order.

The statement pointed out that "the deputy Dhafer al-Ani propose separate bill for other positions and confined to defining the mandates of the three presidencies.

He explained, "MP Abdul-Jabbar Rhiv called for avoiding mistakes in the choice of the people and bring new opportunities to help the discovery capabilities.

And the statement that "the MP Hanan al noted the importance of taking into account changing the name of law and included names and other positions, particularly the ministerial statement added that" the MP Ashwaq dry indicated that the draft law contains a constitutional violation with respect to the region's president and the prime minister, calling for an amendment to its paragraphs.

The statement concluded that "MP Awad al-Awadi, inquired about the issue to avoid legal committee prior to the formal objections to the Federal Court in order to proceed with legislation of the law, adding that" the President of the House of Representatives face the relevant committee to complete the Law of discussions with the heads of parliamentary blocs and committees.