Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi parliament united position on the cabinet reshuffle


Wednesday 0.2 March 0.2016

Deputy head of the Iraqi parliament Iaram Sheikh Mohammed , announced on Wednesday that the Kurdish blocs agreed to unify the visions to represent the Kurds in the cabinet reshuffle expected, it said a statement issued by the Information Office of the Deputy Speaker of Parliament said Sheikh Mohammed , chaired a meeting of the heads and representatives of Kurdish blocs in parliament, was during which they discussed the latest developments of the situation and developments on the Iraqi arena.

The statement pointed out that it was agreed on the importance of the unification of positions on the cabinet reshuffle which is called by the Prime Minister, and the necessity of the participation of the Kurds effectively in all state institutions , a key ingredient in Iraq.

He stressed Sheikh Mohammed , in the context of his speech on the need to the unification of the Kurdish ranks and prevent the uniqueness of any party of Kurdish blocs in the negotiations and meetings at the expense of others.

He also said "we have to work together as a team to assemble the visions in the specific framework and must represent the Kurds in the cabinet reshuffle is anticipated, and make the interests and rights of the people in mind away from personal and partisan narrow interests, and participate vigorously in the political resolution and to contribute by at least 20% in the joints and the state apparatus. "

The statement noted that the participants in the meeting stressed the importance of taking into account the balance in the selection of the next government, and expressed their support for the reforms.

the statement continued that heads of Kurdish blocs flexed their opinions and suggestions and emphasized the need to continue meetings of the installed position of the Kurds and not to marginalize any component or hand and the participation of all in the political process.