Kurdish MP: Region will resort to loans from the World Bank for the payment of staff salaries

Economy Since 02.03.2016 at 12:26 (Baghdad time)

Special - balances News
Confirmed the Kurdistan Alliance MP Najiba Najib, on Wednesday, claims that the province to borrow from the World Bank is a constitutional right Like the Iraqi government, which suffered from the financial crisis due to falling oil prices.

She said Najib's / balances News /, that "the region's share of World Bank lending legitimacy because we are part of Iraq and in case it is not giving us what we want, this means a lack of regard for the partnership as it is contrary to the Constitution," indicating that "our situation if the Iraqi government can not pay staff salaries and become the people live very harsh the situations. "

She added, "The province actually began to move in this matter, and can be waived in the case of the central government paid the salaries of all employees and a commitment to the oil agreement."

It is said that President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani demanded to secure the region's share of the loans granted by the international community for Iraq, noting that the province's budget cut by Baghdad and the fight against al Daash and sheltering the displaced and falling oil prices highlighted the challenges facing Kurdistan.

From: Ola Massaol