Expert: New Economic Forum lacks see the truth

Economy Since 02/03/2016 13:50 (Baghdad time)

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Chief Economist contrary goldsmith, said on Wednesday that the economic grouping, which was announced under the name of the new Iraqi Economic Forum lacks the true vision in achieving its objectives.

The jeweler said, L / balance News /, said that "the economic bloc, which was announced under the name of the Iraqi Economic Forum, made up of several organizations representing the private sector," noting that he "has invited to this gathering previous years, to express their visions and strategic plans clear that reflect the role of the private sector in partnership with the public sector, for the purpose of laying the foundations for dialogue and mutual work between the two sectors. "

He stressed that, "We must unify the visions of this Forum announced, including direct things towards development in Iraq, and economic reforms sought collaboration with the public sector."

He pointed out the jeweler, to "the lack of vision of the reality of this gathering, the fact that the talk was a speech-year-old was one of the mechanisms that will be worked out according to what produced by the government of the packages, procedures and policies to support the private sector are set in it," However, he noted that "mere declaration so far."

It is said that a number of organizations, federations Special Committee on economic affairs have formed a preparatory committee in preparation for the declaration of a unified economic bloc to manage the affairs of the private sector and the unification of the orientations in international and local forums. As they announced the establishment of the pool under the name Economic Forum Alaraca.anthy

From: Inam Amaury