Liberal: Stay tuned for a new political alliance

Political Since 02/03/2016 13:25 pm (Baghdad time)

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It revealed the Liberal bloc in Parliament, on Wednesday announced their intention to hold a new alliance goal of opening up to the rest of the political blocs outside the National Alliance, noting that the coming period will witness the announcement of the results of its negotiations with other blocs have expressed an interest in joining.

The MP said the Liberal bloc's Almozani / balances News / Charter that "all components of the National Alliance seeks to find a new destination after it proved that the National Alliance did not do any good experience in political work."

Almozani He added that "all the political alliances that are fraught with the last period was built on the basis of personal interests and did not offer anything to the Iraqi people."

Almozani He stressed that "the Liberal bloc will be announced in the coming days for the new political destination and whose goal is to expand beyond the National Alliance," he said, adding that "we welcome any block you want to participate with us in the next step."

He noted that "the Liberal bloc draws its ideology and political Ihzian admissibility and wide among other ingredients," stressing that "the move was based on the directives of the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and is intended to open up to the rest of the blocks and from all sects."

It is clear that "our negotiations with the political blocs" refusal to disclose "continuously and reached an advanced stage and will be announced" soon. "

It is said that the National Alliance has been formed parliamentary political bloc and one during the previous parliamentary session and includes all of the (State of Law coalition and blocks the citizen and the Liberal and virtue and others. "Ended

By: Ahmed Zmim