Basra proceed to deduct half the revenue of ports next week

2016-03-02 05:05:08 | (Voice of Iraq) - Basra

Technical adviser to the governor of Basra , Abdul Karim Al - Roumi, the conservative Majed Nasraoui face to proceed to deduct half of the imports of the border crossing points in order to expand imports of Basra treasury as of this March announced.

Said Rumi said in a statement that the meeting was held in the Office of the province in the presence of ports and tax units speculative existing managers in the 9th border crossing points, as well as members of the provincial council representatives, said that next week , the local government will begin this procedure in accordance with the implementation of Article 45 of the General Budget Law for 2016, which empowers provinces to deduct half the imports of ports, while urging the concerned authorities in the ports need to cooperate with the local government in the application of this article.

He added that the turkey Nasraoui also instructed the orientation of his aides and advisers in addition to the Court accounts and the provincial council to ports starting next week in order to stand on how to implement this law.

He continued , "The relevant ministries declined to enforce the law 21 of 2008 amended, and the text of Article 45 of the Budget Law for 2016, in order to get the full revenue without granting Basra financial entitlements , " noting that "imports of these benefits will be spent on the provision of services in sectors different, particularly municipal, health and other services the streets affected by the conduct of the coming from other provinces pregnancy vehicles Ktermam. "