Newspapers Wednesday bother intervention Qassem Soleimani subject of reforms


Wednesday 0.2 March 0.2016

BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / cared newspapers today claim Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, the Committee on Security and Defense parliamentary summoned the security services and accountability for past violations and the investigation into the causes of the deterioration of the security situation, and the meeting held by the Iranian Gen. Ghasemi Soleimani last Saturday, which included figures Iraqi political to discuss steps the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi reform, in addition to renewed talk about the risk of the collapse of the Mosul Dam.

It highlighted the newspaper / morning / issued by the Iraqi media network to meet Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi with the Patriarch of Antioch and all the East Ignatius Ephrem II, and reaffirmed " the importance of the role of minorities in the country as of the Iraqi social fabric , which is a source of strength for Iraq "components.

Also addressed the newspaper to meet Abadi with the United Nations for minority Affairs Rita Isaacs Special Rapporteur and her entourage, and his treatise" conditions for minorities and the importance of their role in the country as of the Iraqi social fabric components which is a source of strength for Iraq and community reconciliation and the return of displaced people. "

On the other hand focused on newspaper / Zora / issued by the Iraqi journalists Syndicate claim Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, the Committee on Security and defense parliamentary summoned the security services and accountability for past violations to hold negligent, and his call for an investigation the reasons for the deterioration of the security situation.

The newspaper pointed out his claim in a speech yesterday in the House of Representatives session, the parliament and relevant government departments to " the need to accelerate to compensate those affected by these violations, calling on all actors in the Iraqi arena to prevail and calm language of dialogue and away from the speech sectarian escalation . "

In the matter of security as well, the newspaper / new morning / independent focused on the launch of large - scale military operation at dawn yesterday for the Liberation of the northwest province of Salahuddin towards Anbar province areas.

The paper he was " involved in these operations the popular crowd all factions forces in addition to the troops local police and the fight against terrorism, backed airline air force and fly the Iraqi army. "

In the political axis, newspaper / journal / independent , " she said during a recent visit to Baghdad , Iran 's Ghasemi Soleimani Gen. held on Saturday a meeting of Iraqi political figures to discuss the steps the Prime Minister Haider Abadi reform, and to develop a unified position ensures the cohesion of units affiliated to Shiite forces within the ruling National Alliance. "

The newspaper quoted" informed sources " as saying that Soleimani" transfer Iran 's view in preserving the unity of the National Alliance as a driving current government and dealing with paper - Abadi reform so as to ensure the representation of the Shi'ite majority in the cabinet reshuffle is anticipated, and the movement of Moqtada al - Sadr , the latest in a put - sheet reform and the extent of their compliance with government counterparts. "

For its part , focused on newspaper / world / independent as" the intensification of the sharp differences between the parties to the National Alliance for threatening to collapse, against the backdrop of opposed views among them, on the nature of the ministerial upcoming changes, which is believed a coalition of state law, it would be a prosthesis. "

The newspaper pointed to deny" high - level sources "in the National Alliance that there will be a meeting of the coalition parties, to resolve the issue of ministerial changes, stressing that" the Sadrists and orders in council did not longer see the point in these meetings, and they planned to approach other forces within the parliament, to form a new bloc that supports their projects reformist. "

Addressed the newspapers several renewed talk about the risk of the collapse of the Mosul Dam, as the newspaper / bright / independent , " said the US dramatize the near collapse of the dam Mosul and relax Iraqi rule out the collapse of the Iraqi citizen found himself in the vortex of the concerns and worries of the flood potential could drown the whole Iraqi cities and spend hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. "

The newspaper added , " in the latest US statement on Mosul Dam controversial offline after growing concerns in recent months the possibility of its collapse, recommended the US embassy in Baghdad emptied Mosul dam water in order to protect about a million and a half million people out of danger in the event of exposure to the collapse. "

The newspaper / time / independent she stressed that the dispute over the possible collapse of the Mosul dam or not is still going on downtown Popular concern. The newspaper reported the words of economist Abdul Hassan Shammari "The warnings emanating from foreign countries about the collapse of the dam it is only escalations media is intended to create awe among the circles of the Iraqi people in order to activate another migration from regions which are located on the Tigris River, adding that the use of those nations to this method is designed to drain big money from Iraq and is fully aware what is owned by the people of a major financial stocks accounted for by the political parties and politicians. "