Employees receive their salaries complain of stale currencies


BAGHDAD / JD / .. complained about a number of government employees from receiving their salaries currencies paper stale difficult traded in the domestic market, the central bank, demanding the withdrawal of those currencies and replace them with new ones.
Said Ahmed Abdel Sattar (asserting that those currencies traded in the market is difficult, because the owner of the commercial shops refuse to take delivery teacher), he received his salary during this month, last month paper currencies and very stale and patchy and the colorful graffiti inks.
Said Abdul Sattar told / KD /: that most of the salary is paid in the currency of 1,000 dinars and the 5,000 dinars, while the former was distracted by 25,000 thousand dinars and 10,000 dinars, urging the central bank to withdraw the defective ones editions of the domestic market and replaced with new ones to reduce some of the problems It may occur.
He suggested the distribution of employees' salaries through the smart card (Key Card) after he succeeded when retirees, so as to easily receive and reduce the thefts that have occurred in a number of state institutions in the last period.
For its part, the parliamentary finance committee confirmed that the central bank is usually based printing new currencies of the damaged ones and pull, excluded that there will be a very stale editions exist in abundance in the local market.
A member of the committee MP Jabbar al-Abadi told / KD /: that the central bank is usually watching and through the Iraqi currency State-owned banks and editions in various categories. When there are editions too stale so they can not use and circulation who shall bank transfer to the central bank and the latter in turn will print a new currency bearing the number He put himself on the market.
He said there could be corrupted currencies in the market, but not the size, which feared, though, the central bank demands to tighten the monitoring and follow-up for those currencies for the purpose of replacement.
He stressed that austerity does not prevent the central bank from carrying out his duties and is maintaining liquidity on the market. / End / 8 /