Industry confirms intention to establish industrial cities by investing


Baghdad / Ibrahim Ibrahim range Press

The Minister of Industry and Minerals, Mohammed al-Darraji, the ministry's intention to establish industrial cities by investing in all the provinces, while economists called for the need to provide financial and logistical guarantees for private sector involvement in the process of industrial development.
He said al-Darraji, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), that "the ministry pay much attention to the establishment of industrial cities across Iraq," noting that "the industrial city in Dhi Qar phase achievement while suspended its counterpart in Basra, in preparation for submission to invest."
The minister added, "The ministry plans to build an industrial city in Nahrawan in cooperation with investors from the private sector," noting that "the ministry is also seeking to establish industrial cities in Ramadi, Diwaniyah and Najaf, especially to their own land prepared and will be announced to invest."
The Darraji, that "the ministry will guide the establishment of new factories in the industrial cities and to encourage industrialists to move their plants to those cities."
And on the fuel problems of the industrial sector, the minister pointed out that "not a matter of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals," hoping "in charge of the energy sector should not think that the reduction of fuel prices will cause a loss because it would at the same time to the industry and run supported development worker."
For his part, economist said Uday Abdul Ameer Amer in an interview for the "long", that "activating the role of the private sector needs to logistical and financial guarantees by the government for the establishment of strategic projects in various economic fields."
"The past years have seen the establishment of projects Kalmullac consumer and commercial markets, which lacks its goods Industrial durability causing the exit of billions of dollars out of the country without interest reflected on the overall internal economic cycle."
Amer said that "the establishment of industrial and commercial projects elevate economic reality requires the provision of a package of enabling legislation to pay the owners of domestic and foreign capital to put their mark.
He said the "trend to build industrial cities at the moment is a good step to re-establish a national infrastructure for the industry, which was destroyed by the policies pursued by successive governments."
The Amer that "the country needs to map industrial by working to restore urban planning are advanced and the concentration of local industries in specific locations where all the success factors of materials preliminary and ease of transport meet and provide the base suitable for the disposal of industrial wastes without pollution of the environment."
"The success of the government to enter the private sector as a true partner in the sectors of industry, agriculture development provides state staggering sums of money and reduces government spending pressure and contributes to attracting working hands that the advantage of the Iraqi society."
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said in (the 12th of February, the current 2016), to support and encourage the Iraqi government to investors in the construction and reconstruction of Iraq and the development of its economy, revealing the government went to the establishment of industrial cities.
The Ministry of Industry and Minerals and the Iraqi Federation of Industries have agreed, in (the 28th of February, the current), to strengthen their cooperation and overcome the problems faced by the private sector, while counting the Iraqi National Business Council, the agreement comes at government reforms which emphasized the "private sector support framework and promote it, "an economist said that" is not sufficient to restore confidence "between the parties without the application of the relevant laws, and the establishment of industrial cities and restore Iraqi infrastructure rehabilitation industry, to revive the slogan" made in Iraq. "