Jubouri calls for parliamentary security to call the security leaders against the backdrop of therecent bombings

Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri called on Tuesday for the security and defense committee in Parliament to call security leaders and held accountable for the violations that took place in a number of areas with negligent them accountable.

He denounced al-Jubouri said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it in the parliament session vicious attacks against civilians in the torch and Abu Ghraib and Sadr City and Muqdadiyah, called in his speech in the parliament security services for vigilance and caution to preserve the lives of civilians, calling for the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament to call the security services and accountability for violations that took place in a number of areas with negligent them accountable.
The President of the Parliament on the need to investigate the causes of the deterioration of the security situation and shelling in the Tuz and take the necessary measures in this regard, stressing confidence in the ability of the Iraqi people to bypass all the crisis and miss the opportunity to terrorism in all Msmyate.
And demanded the concerned governmental authorities to the need to speed up to compensate those affected by these violations, and urged all actors in the Iraqi arena to give priority to the language of dialogue and calm and stay away from the speech sectarian escalation.
A suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt blew himself up Tuesday evening inside the funeral of one of the martyrs of the popular crowd spend Muqdadiyah resulted in the deaths of dozens of martyrs and wounded.
Diyala police and imposed a total curfew in the pan around Muqdadiyah at a time when security forces stepped up its deployment in the city.
The attack comes a day after the double bombing claimed by Daash in a popular market in eastern Baghdad's Sadr City and the killing and wounding at least 200 people.