Alloizi: political pressures prevented Mosul read a report and submit it to the concerned authorities

He said the security and defense committee member of the parliamentary Alloizi Abdul Rahman, on Tuesday, said that "political pressures prevented Mosul read a report in the House of Representatives, and forwarded to the concerned authorities to accomplish."
He Alloizi told all of Iraq [where] that "the report should be referred to the five points to be decided upon which [the judiciary and the Commanding General of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense and the board of integrity and public prosecution] to be determined convicted in the case," pointing out that "the military justice will be present in the take penalties because a number of defendants in the case are under the jurisdiction of military sanctions. "
He pointed out that "not resolve the issue of Mosul and the absence of legal action was because of political interference that prevented the House from reading the report in the parliament," stressing that "those involved in the case of Mosul accounting would open the door to a senior accounting spoilers in all magazines."
The deputy head of the special investigating the fall of Mosul, Ahmed al-Jubouri FD Commission said earlier: "We send out a letter to the three presidencies before more than two months, to follow the fall of Mosul, a file, has not been followed up until now."
The Committee of the fall of Mosul, had revealed earlier that attempts to delay the fall of the city Daash file, however, threatened to take the political and popular attitude about it, while the judiciary called to deal impartially with the file.
The head of the special parliamentary committee to investigate the fall of Mosul of quitting that "the fall of Mosul, however, the judiciary did not file Yassouf.