International responsible for Jaafari: We will move facts about the heinous crimes in Iraq to theUnited Nations

Rapporteur of the United Nations High Commissioner for minorities Rita Isaac said she will be transferred Facts about the ugliness of the crimes suffered by Iraq to the United Nations.

According to a Foreign Ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari met with a planned United Nations for Minority Affairs Rita Isaac ministry building in Baghdad, the minister said during the meeting that Iraq is a country marked by religious diversity, and national, and sectarian; this is the source of his strength, the manifestation of a civilized and peaceful coexistence, noting that Daash terrorist gangs did not exclude any component of the Iraqi people, and only the most heinous crimes committed against them; and this is evidence that the war on war aimed at all of humanity.
He noted that the United Nations is working on is based on a field study of the crimes that affected minorities, action plans, and all the sons of the Iraqi people, and to provide aid commensurate with the scale of the challenges suffered by Iraq, calling on the United Nations and all international organizations to support the government's efforts to lift the injustice, and injustice hit minorities, and provide the necessary support.
Jaafari said that the Iraqi constitution within the rights of minorities and helped represent them in the House of Representatives, and the joints of the political process and all the people are equal rights, and working in all state institutions, pointing out that the enemy of any component is the enemy of all of Iraq, and the Sons of Iraq members, including members of minority groups stand united under the banner of the security forces, and the crowd generally terrorists Daash popular, and achieve big victories in defense of Iraq, and on behalf of the countries of the world.
The minister stressed the importance to do justice to the world of the Iraqi people, and is supported in his war against Daash gangs terrorist by increasing humanitarian aid, finance, especially that Iraq is passing through exceptional circumstances, and to contribute to the reconstruction of the infrastructure of the liberated areas; for the return of displaced people to their home areas.
For her part, rapporteur of the United Nations High Commissioner for minorities according to the statement that they will be transferred Facts about the ugliness of the crimes suffered by Iraq to the United Nations and humanitarian organizations to provide more support and help, and relieve the suffering. "