«Front Faili statement about the release of the national card Law No. (3) for the year 2016»

2016-03-01 14:28:40 | (Voice of Iraq)

A reference to the national card Law No. (3) for the year 2016 which has recently been published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Iraq / Iraqi realities number: (4396), dated 01/02/2016.

Confirmed Mr. Maher Feeli Secretary - General of the Front Faili ... We hope that the application of this law to the national card issuance uniformly and equally to all Iraqi citizens without any racial coding undermines Iraqi Faili included as an essential part authentic integral part of the Iraqi people set forth in the preamble Constitution and the establishment of the three presidencies and the judiciary and the Federal Court and the Supreme State institutions to build and renovate and consolidate the bridges of trust and credibility with the people of Iraq principals of Feeli component through hard work to end all cases of racial discrimination in its various forms and types and grades and the abolition of Iraqi citizenship certificate system and divide it unjust to two degrees (first / class a) and (II / class b) and risen to more than (80) years from the date of the previous and ongoing authoritarian state for more than 12 years since the fall of the idol in 9/4/2003.

The new Secretary General of the Front , legal and constitutional claim to recover sons component Feeli national identity as a matter of commitment to the principles of justice and human rights, which require from the Interior Ministry and the Directorate General of sexual accelerate the output Faili records from the Department of Citizenship and Foreigners Affairs Directorate of Nationality Affairs under the direct supervision of the Minister of the Interior and merge with records and restrictions of nationality and civil status of Iraqi citizens in sexual districts in Baghdad and the provinces, according to the geographical area for housing based on the provisions of Article 18 of the Constitution and the texts of articles (3 / a) and (17) and (18) from the Iraqi Nationality Law No. (26) for the year 2006 resolutions of the dissolved ruling numbered Council (111) and (117) for the year 2003 and implement what came in articles (13) and (17) of the instructions to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of the Iraqi Nationality Law No. (3) of the amended 2014, which states that it is an Iraqi national and enjoying out of it Velia and registered in the civil status of 1957 or any previous census his records and cancel all the decisions that prevent the restoration of Faili Iraqi nationality or granted to them retroactively from the date of issuance and to ensure them full citizenship rights and delete all badges cancellation and projection and Lettering and freezing and naturalization Service and Acquisitions of foreign origin installed a political, national, ethnic or sectarian or racial grounds wherever they appear in the restrictions citizenship records and civil status that the competent authorities shall undertake to follow up the implementation of these instructions and cancel decisions badges unfair and pointing it at the restrictions of nationality and records of civil status and the abolition of foreign recipe for them.

Mr. Maher Feeli Secretary General of the Front Faili was based on the official statement to the Supreme Iraqi Criminal Tribunal judgment dated 29/11/2010 and directives of the Prime Minister of the Iraqi government and its statement historical and pledged under the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (426) for the year 2010 and the decision of the House of Representatives No. (18 ) of 2011 ratified by the President of the Republic Presidential Decree No. (6) for the year 2012 for removing the bad effects of the component Feeli national and merits that require the application of the provisions of the Constitution and the principles of the federal democratic system and the Universal Declaration of human rights and international conventions ratified by the Republic of Iraq, the agreement international elimination of all forms of racial discrimination on civil and political rights and on economic, Social and cultural rights ( ICESCR ) and the international Convention for the suppression of the crime of apartheid and Punishment and the Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and the Convention on the rights of the Child and the Arab Charter on human rights and the international Covenant.