A full list of the most deputies days missed meetings of the Council


Tuesday 0.1 March 0.2016

BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / Got Agency / Nina / on the list of the members most days missed for the second legislative term sessions included 69 deputies from various political blocs.

The issue regulations MP Mahmoud al - Mashhadani , the National Coalition of absence for 26 meetings, followed by Bahaa Hadi Ahmed Jawad , a coalition of state law, and Attorney Junaid Mohammed Abdul Kareem of the national coalition of absence for 15 session.

And it included a list of absentees from the House of Representatives, Abdul Karim Mohammed Abdul Kareem of the national coalition for 13 sessions, and demanded Kharbit for a coalition of Iraq 's 12 sessions, and Tawfiq al - Kaabi of the reform Movement 11 session, and Muwaffaq al - Rubaie , a coalition of state law , 11 sessions, and Nawaf Al Saud from the national coalition of 11 sessions, and Ali al - Adeeb , a coalition of state law nine sessions.

The absent MPs Ahmed al - Jubouri , a coalition of Iraq and the Badr stallion of the Arab coalition, and Khaled Mafraji for a coalition of Kirkuk 's Arabs, and Shaalan Karim of the national coalition, and Mohammed Allkash citizen coalition and the crescent Sahlani for the reform Movement, and Yahya Ithawi for a coalition of Iraq for 6 sessions for each of them.

In the absence to 5 MPs sessions Mithal al - Alusi democratic and civil Faleh Hassan Jassim , a coalition of law coalition, and absent for four sessions of Representatives Ahmed Kanani and Rehab Alabboudh and Mansour Baaja for a coalition of state law, Adnan al - Janabi , from the national coalition.

And included a list of 3 deputies sessions both Ardalan Noordin from the Kurdistan Democratic party and the faith Rashid Hamid, Khalid al - Asadi , and Zeinab visual and demanded al - Jaafari, Ali Morshedi and Qassim Mohammed Jalal , a coalition of state law, and high - Sheikh for the Civic Democratic Alliance, and Mohammed al - Karbouli all united for reform.

With only absent for two both the House of Representatives Ahmed meaning and Talal Zobaie Knight Sangaree all united for reform, and Ahmed Jassim Saber Hassan Mohsen Jade and Hamdan Mohammed Sadiq frankincense and Hisham al - Suhail and Qassim Hassan Sagt coalition of state law, and Ashwaq al - Jubouri and Kazem al - Shammari from the national coalition, and Risan Sheikh Dler and Susan Baker of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ( PUK ) and Zaher al - Abadi and Sabah al - Saadi for the reform Movement and Sunrise Alabegi from the Civic Democratic Alliance, Abdul Aziz Dalimy and Ghazwan Faisal Majid Ghraoui and Mohammed Horry for the Liberal bloc, and Kawa Mohammed for mass change, Haitham al - Jubouri , from the concentration of the masses and competencies, and Mahamat Nouri al - Rabbo and meet with the pink of the Arab coalition.

While absent for one session Representatives Arshad Salhi list Turkmen Kirkuk and Amir Zangana front for the Kurdistan Democratic party, and Alexander and berries and the victory of Hassan Ali, Jabbar al - Abadi , a coalition of state law, and the proof Mamouri for the Liberal bloc, and Jamal Ahmed Seydou from the Kurdistan Islamic Union and Jawad Kazem sticks for competencies and the masses gathered, and Haji Condor Highness for Yazidi movement for reform, good Halboss coalition of virtue and MP Harith Chanchal.