Maliki warns of operations for destruction of the country's Shiites


Tuesday 0.1 March 0.2016

Demanded the MP for the coalition of state law emotions blessing Tuesday President of the Republic to ratify the death sentences against the killers and terrorists, expressing the view that the crime of bombing solace Council in Muqdadiyah comes as part of "terrorism series Sunni and genocide against Shiites in Iraq."

She said grace in a statement Lord of twilight News, that " the genocide against Shiites in Iraq continuously since 2004 until today, the Sunni and terrorism constant amid the silence of the partners, while the world was turned upside down because of the case of seven of the year, is there blood from the first division and blood of the second degree ? ", according to the statement.

She asked , " Is not the massacre of Spyker , which claimed the lives of a thousand and 700 young old roses genocide? augmented by the crimes committed by terrorists against our youth in Saqlawiyah and Jabber, has been going on for several years, bombings, and the complicity of lurking within the security services with the terrorists and their betrayal of their people because of sectarian fanaticism, even Pat is exposed to similar to what he suffered Bosnian Muslims at the hands of the Serbs Shiites. "

She continued," some of those who did not actually participate terrorist offenses caused obtaining bombings through their statements that incite sedition, and the example of this Muqdadiyah bombings that occurred because these statements about the internationalization of the issue and refused to share the popular crowd in the liberation of Nineveh regional and escalation against the crowd, all of these hate - filled and intolerant statements encouraged the terrorists to carry out their crimes with sectarian nature against innocent civilians. "

She called MP for the rule of law to" the need to President authentication as soon as possible judged on the death sentences against murderous terrorists and all of the support and financing of terrorism in Iraq and take down their comeuppance. "