Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr calls on Baghdad to protest at the gates of the green zone
February 29, 2016
, 3:56 pm
The leader of the sadrist movement called for Mr. Sadr, Monday, the people of Baghdad to protest at the gates of the green zone, the provinces before the provincial councils and among the Honorable Committee will determine the time of the event, stressed the need to not be the event dedicated to one side and not the other.
Sadr said in a statement that "after that touched you in obedience and structured and unified national sense, I awakened you again I trust you and love for your homeland for specific rally Baghdad residents from all regions",
Stating that "this time will be in even closer (red zone) I mean green, and not in this blessed and she gathered you into the time determined by the Committee overseeing the event.
Sadr said that members of the Committee are Mr. Hazem Al-araji brothers, Sheikh Salah al-Obeidi, and Sheikh Mohamed Sheikh muhannad al-Asadi and activist supporter Ahmed Abdul Hussein, "
"The demonstrations will all provinces in its Mayor and Council maintain this demonstration in your week this peace they may hear your voice angry trying to ignore protesters as a threat, and was the voice of the people is the voice of the threat but the truth."
He continued, "I encourage you to that they reverse the same image that was the lodestar for pride and honor first in Tahrir square, and I hope to not be the event dedicated to the whole people without other loving fix webaghd corruption", saying that "all demonstrations in Baghdad and other provinces at the same time and the time to get a clear message for everyone."
Sadrist leader Mr. Sadr participated, last Friday (26 February 2016), a protest rally participants exceeds by a half million protesters on Tahrir square in central Baghdad, Sadr threatened to enter the fortified Green zone in Baghdad to restore the rights of "the oppressed" of "corrupt". l