Infallible: any freeze or cancel the constitution would mean a return to the use of force

President Fuad Masum, said any step that will "freeze or abolish the Constitution, they mean a return to the use of force" in Iraq.
Masum said in his speech opening Tires Diwaniyah plant during his visit to the province of Diwaniyah on Monday, "We have to take care of the Iraqi Constitution, because he is the one who brings us together," noting that "any idea to cancel the freeze and the meaning of the Constitution that there are other alternatives for the constitution."
He added that "the Constitution is not sacred and is not always forever and needs to be adjustments, but did not get far, but it remains a reference Otherwise resurrecting power and this is a great calamity."
He infallible, "We took a lesson and we lose some of the previous years and we have to take advantage of the coming years and work positively to strengthen our society, there is no difference between religions, sects and ethnic groups" and called for "not be linked to political problems and religious issues and nationalism and sectarianism."
The President of the Republic to the general situation in Iraq, "he said." We find it difficult in many things, there are a confrontation with the terrorists and these terrorists of the most dangerous types of terrorism, and perhaps since ancient history They combine their ideas of some of the behaviors that existed before many centuries and extremist ideas that Astqoha Baath party they are trying to combine nationalist extremism as well as religious and Khtiran both on society and this is not only for Iraq but for all communities and here we find the international campaign to help Iraq and other countries that have been plagued with this new epidemic. "
He said, "The other problem we face is the fall in oil prices at a time when we are in sharp face key with these terrorist groups, we find that the sources of income fell to its lowest level," stressing the need to "state austerity Every country is under serious economic situation like that Naaischha currently based austere as the first step in terms of its public spending to the state. "
However, to say, "But we are a result of international solidarity with us we feel reassured and this is what motivates us to work more and more so in this atmosphere, we are threatened by the epidemic risk Aldaasha economic situation is not ahead of us, but we are in agreement and united us and there may be differences and these human Tababah but after a while you may be convinced parties ".
And the infallible, "The difference does not constitute a danger to the community, but the division is threatened and we have to be today in agreement and united" surprising "Why make historical differences as daily issue must be resolve opinion and dispute it, but everybody has the right to act in different with the other also wants but without encroaching on the rights of others and impose it on them. "
The President of the Republic on the need to "The difference does not lead to a sharp areas and must be on all Iraqis to be in agreement to pass this stage," pointing to "the existence of mobility between the political blocs to Halhh things and each party has the right to express his opinion, but does not lead to the use of hand in this install opinion on the other power is not resolved it, and we all remember where we saw and ended the rule of Saddam [ousted President] despite the use of all means of force but went a victim of extremist ideas. "
The infallible "We must always work in order that there not be overdo it because it will lead to expensive results, we do not oppose any demonstrations as long as they are peaceful or any opinions can respond to it but must abide by the principles of moral to put these differences nor there is a smear in the person of things it is not real".
The President of the Republic expressed his happiness to visit the province of Diwaniyah today accompanied by Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji and Agriculture Minister Falah Zaidan, "pointing out that he" will meet Bozara others, and he promised that the people of the province is working seriously and particularly to Diwaniyah. "