Sabri (time): Abadi nominate the names of the new ministers away from the masses and for the government to declare cabin

February 29, 2016

BAGHDAD - Qusay, Monzer

Said a spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will choose candidates for the portfolios away from the political blocs and quotas, indicating that there is a committee in the Council of Ministers working on the selection of candidates in accordance with the requirements of the next stage. The newborn (time) yesterday that (Abadi will choose candidates by the committee formed in the Council of Ministers, composed of experts to areas of several for the purpose of selecting the list of candidates according to the next stage requirements) Adding that he (will be candidates to the parliament to obtain the necessary voting). Following up on that (Abadi will choose candidates for office away from quotas and the intervention of the blocks). He pointed out that he (will be displayed on the filtration mechanism of parliament for a vote in order to face the current circumstances and financial hardship faced by the country). He stressed newborn (not specify the names of the new ministers needed to launch government formation and duration). For his part, favored the National Alliance MP Ali Abadi net that provides new ministerial cabin during the next two weeks. Safi said in a statement yesterday that (al-Abadi in constant contact with the leaders of the coalition and with other political blocs to break formulas fruitful fit the challenges faced by the country without any override the provisions of the law or the Constitution). He said (Abadi being regular meetings with the leaders of the coalition on the one hand and with the leaders of the coalition of state law and the political blocs on the other hand to coordinate on measures that need to coordinate and follow up with legislative power). He explained that the net (Abadi form of a specialized technical committee of experienced and efficient professional figures to evaluate the work of the ministries and is awaiting the results of the Commission for the selection of candidates for ministerial cabin and a change of government). Is probable that (the date of submission of a new ministerial cabin during the next two weeks). The MP for the coalition endorsed the ordeal has revealed grace coalition Abadi leaders 48 hours to clarify the names of ministers and ministries covered by the change and the vision that relied on the calendar and the goal of Altgier.oukal we hinted in a statement yesterday that (the leadership of the alliance met and gave attendees Abadi, 48-hour deadline for offers a clear vision for the ministries that intends to change and what the nature of the new ministers and his vision for change and build it on the state standards for performance evaluation). He said the (coalition confirmed its support for Ebadi, but we must be aware of the fact that what he wants the alliance needs a strong partner and Prime Minister of the vote). He said we hinted that he (has to be to achieve reform, but the case is not a change of government ministers, but the curriculum). On the other hand MP for the Liberal bloc Majid Jabbar Ghraoui for the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, the face of the formation of a special committee to organize a demonstration in front of the gates of the Green Zone. He Ghraoui (time) yesterday that (chest face a special committee of some chieftains Hawza activist and a civilian to oversee the organization of a demonstration in front of the Green Zone, and are similar in the same time in front of the provincial councils). He said (the Commission will set a date for the demonstration, and through the chest clear statement that it will be in front of the gates of the Green Zone). And on the deadline set by the chest of Ebadi stressed that Ghraoui (deadline continuing to work on the reform project and talks, especially since the Liberal bloc is determined to hold meetings with other blocs in order to implement reforms). Indicating that (al-Sadr instructed the ministers of the current and former Deputy Prime Minister to go to the judiciary and the student body integrity, accountability and justice and political body of the stream to follow up these files to make clear that they have been involved with other things). Sadr has called in a statement the people of Baghdad to demonstrate in front of the gates of the Green Zone and the sons of the provinces to protest in front of the boards. For his part, the outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji for compliance with Sadr ordered the submission of integrity returned them a step in the right direction. He said in a statement yesterday that (al-Sadr statement to activate the principle Where did you get this? Officials Sadrist Bahaa al them and is a practical step in the right direction, not just slogans filed by other parties). He returned (a response to all those who accuse the current and Characters due to national positions). He added Araji (so declared conformal to the order of the chest and I'll be at the forefront of implementing the contents of the statement and I am at the same time sure that the results for me would be a practical response against all phishers water turbidity or trying to miscarriage political).