Concerns Albulad..hal crises and get rid of the corrupt

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Monday 02.29.2016

Change: The process of converting thing from event to event, suddenly and conclusively, but the change is the switch based on the thought and ponder prior, and the results are as much as possible. When pulling determined his decision, the change means that the status is changed from invalid, what is the fittest, and therefore not on talent, and the right man in the right place, and the reason for the change is linked to many things, including corruption and failure, Balhalten must reckon, puts points on the letters, when held accountable for corrupt on corruption, be it has made a cornerstone of the principles of the Islamic religion, which is linked to the return usurped rights, to their original owners, but failed Faihasp a failure, and the reasons for receiving, the answer to the question that says why? In cases of failure and corruption, waste of money. Ministerial change in the current central government .. is not the solution to save Iraq after the sinking of the country in the dark seas, has become a hotbed of the ambitions of colonialism, and major powers, this is more than the country exhausted, and walk towards the road of no return, and to achieve a great opportunity for our enemy is greedy, that lurks opportunities, Catching on to Iraq Pfkih, and Srerha than Iraqis and their families pain.
Federal cabinet quotas, between the political blocs and alliances, they introduced their candidates for prime minister, to select them and choose the most loyal and efficient, and the failure who got pushed Iraq to the abyss, borne by all participants in the political process, the bloc that nominated them, and by accounting failed and corrupt, after proving evidence, and what is more painful torment and hearts, to see these blocs and coalitions standing vanities generally right, to encourage candidates to continue with more, and in this case, be a partner, including his work.
We as a people must stand with all Hmokh, and we refer to it an incubator for losers and corrupt, Bonaml and forefinger of all Iraqis, which is the cause of the destruction and the destruction of the country, enough of a compliment to the capabilities of the People's account, and the country is dying on a mattress away. We conclude that the change be a mercy, to escape from the grip of the corrupt justice, and saves them achieve safe haven, and escape from the accounting people and Rgmehm including deserve. But replacing the corrupt and failed, welfare and fittest of it, having held accountable by the party that nominated him, and is subject to the fairness of the law, which took part in the year or were voting it, do not forget that he has been sworn candidate, the performance of the legal right, before assuming office, so it is non-compliance and breach this condition, the betrayal of the Secretariat of the people entrusted to him Faihasp as a traitor to the secretariat and the thief of the people's money. And when judging this principle, we have achieved the Islamic principles, and re prestige of the law and the right of stolen people, aware of the take office after him, that there is a monitoring and eyes waiting for the results of good for his work, with a rising value and prestige, and in the opposite case it goes to approaching the account balance, and the sergeant is the people after Bari. People were hoping the owner of the iron fist, that operates according to the realization of the right, then the change and understand the people of the country, white from black, remove the curtain and barriers, between the government and the people, and work clearly increases confidence and the bonds linking them.
Achieve unity and integration, increasing the government's power of its people, when the government of the people, not the government Ktlah, seeking to achieve the objectives of the community, and brings together all the communities and popular spectra, and have an audience of one, defended by the direction of the currents of globalization colonial preacher motto (divide and rule) .