Hammoudi demanding cancellation of the decision to ban the export of local products outside the country

Dated: 02/28/2016 Sunday 7:29

Follow-up / Iraq today
Called on the Vice President of the House of Representatives Hamoudi, international companies to invest in the mining sector in Iraq, pointing to the existence of 14 investment opportunity in this sector, as demanded the cancellation of the decision to ban the production and export of local products outside the country who applied in 2003.
Said Hamoudi said in a statement issued after his visit to the Ministry of Industry and Geological Survey, accompanied by Minister of Industry Mohammed Darraji and received (today's Iraq), "The mineral wealth of the country, whether discovered or that still exist underground is great value too was equivalent to what comes from oil "stressing" the need to develop the production of this wealth and investment and export them in a scientific and effective. " He said Hammoudi, that "there are efforts malicious and hidden hands to destroy all locally produced from the industry, minerals, agriculture and others," calling for international companies to "enhance their investment in the minerals sector in Iraq, especially the presence of more than 14 investment opportunity for this area," .utalb Hamoudi to "the need to review and cancel the decision of 30 for the year 2003 that has been applied in the absence of the legislative authority in 2003 where he was which prevent the production and export of any local products outside the country, "and urged to" activate the supporting decisions for agricultural and industrial products and in the possession of the State Council. "for his part, the price of the Minister of Industry." Hammoudi supporting domestic industry initiative and the various visits that are guaranteed by the initiative, "pointing out that" the visiting first deputy head of the Council to the headquarters of the ministry and the body scanning and support for the minerals sector, but came to confirm that the banner of supporting the Iraqi industry is pregnant and this fact does not differ by two. "The Minister of industry Mohammed Darraji stressed, last Wednesday (February 17, 2016) the existence of states trying to "derail" the Iraqi Industry