Parliament Press Release-HoR held con. for comm. reconciliation/social cohesion 2-27
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Thread: Parliament Press Release-HoR held con. for comm. reconciliation/social cohesion 2-27

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    Parliament Press Release-HoR held con. for comm. reconciliation/social cohesion 2-27

    House of Representatives held a conference for community reconciliation and social cohesion under the auspices of President al - Jubouri


    Iraqi Council of Representatives held under the auspices of Dr. Salim al - Jubouri , the Speaker and the presence of Mr. Haider al - Abadi Prime Minister and in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme - a project to strengthen participatory governance responsible Saturday 27 -2-2016 community reconciliation conference and social cohesion to support the process of national reconciliation in Iraq under the slogan (national reconciliation: a roadmap towards a secure and prosperous Iraq).

    At the outset of the conference hall Zora in the Al-Rasheed Hotel and was attended by a representative of the President of the Republic and a number of gentlemen officials and representatives of diplomatic missions in Iraq, Mr. Haider Abadi, the Prime Minister stressed that winning the diversity of Iraqi society, basic recipe must be preserved no matter how terrorism has tried to gain from it .

    Ebadi said in his speech at the conference that Iraq is facing terrorism Aldaasha It is an alliance with him and occupied the towns, which requires unity and cooperation to confront it.

    Mr. Abadi said that the community diversity than acquaintance and not fighting and Altakndguen noting that the option for the Iraqis, but coexistence, stressing the importance of establishing the foundations of peaceful coexistence between the components and religions, sects and between the political blocs.

    Mr. Prime Minister and expressed hope the presence of a large block cross-sectarian and confessional able to reform and the advancement of society, pointing out that the political parties that reform begins itself and the inside with the need to keep security forces away from the differences fundamental and failed to conduct political bickering.

    Mr. Abadi, and stressed the importance of the approved steps to fight corruption, which causes the collapse of society as well as activating the principle Where did you get this, stressing that the government has no opposition barred from entering Iraq but some impose on himself to live outside the country, adding that reconciliation must be within Iraq.

    He called on the Prime Minister to community reconciliation in the liberated areas and overcome the problems created by Daash, and work on the return of displaced persons and the restoration of stability in their areas in order to promote live in peace and harmony in Mdnnhm after Daash stage, noting that the collapse of oil prices hampered restore stability and rehabilitation of urban process.

    For his part, Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, head of the House of Representatives welcomed every effort, whether regional or international service to Iraq being respected coordination requirement through official channels.

    President al-Jubouri said that the top priority is liberation, reconciliation and reconstruction, pointing to the urgent need for community coexistence through a comprehensive project conciliatory regaining accept everyone, pointing out that the project of reconstruction needs to be understanding and cooperation to be provided by community reconciliation

    Mr. Speaker urged to find Iraqi National Dialogue and understanding of the roadmap correct way beyond the slogans and the language of diplomacy are closely reality and stemming from it in accordance with the gradual stages focuses on the importance of the completion of the deferred ones and apply it in accordance with the timing information.

    And between President al-Jubouri that many opportunities still exist to correct the path in order to reach the bank of the safety Fterkibh one of the people of the most important opportunities and history witness to cohesion and solidarity despite the succession of the attempts to split the class, adding that all bets failed to the role of religious and tribal institutions in thwarting attempts by the band and they have currently the ability to support community reconciliation.

    Mr. Speaker noted the role of the UN is essential in the project to Maatmlleke of experience in conflict resolution and to achieve civil peace, indicating the presence of Sense of interference or the entry or enter Arab states or foreign in an Iraqi dialogue - Iraqis despite the fact that these activities were not only the thing that makes us Initiatives aware of the delicate situation than those imposed on the United Nations to intervene to support the dialogues.

    President al-Jubouri and accept the features of the road map to achieve societal reconciliation and include a formal announcement of the considered 2016-year-old community of coexistence and harness all the possibilities to make it before the end of the year and with the help of the United Nations, through the re-displaced with the unification of the committees of the three presidencies and supplying them with figures that offer a qualitative addition to her as well as commissioning media support community reconciliation through a commitment controls the media and the production of standardized programs.

    President al-Jubouri, and pointed out that the roadmap included carrying Iraqi universities and departments of the Ministry of Culture and Endowment important part of the responsibility for education with the involvement of civil society organizations to the project according to their specializations with the government's call to unite the community reconciliation to support the budget balance, as well as the willingness of the House to work on passing legislation on reconciliation supported and gives him broad powers to the Commission to reconcile with the granting provinces and provincial councils wider for stability and coexistence and work to re-displaced people in all regions role.

    Mr. Jubouri and pointed to the importance of hard work and real work to end armed manifestations and to find realistic solutions to the fighters involved in the battles for liberation and give them the benefits and the integration of those who wish the security services and the inclusion of all Iraqi reconciliation faith requirement of political action and unity of Iraq and the immediate commencement of the ministerial amendment.

    In turn, Mr. Qahtan al-Jubouri, representative of the President of the Republic saw an urgent need for community reconciliation to defeat the will of terrorism and extremism.

    He Jubouri, in his speech on behalf of His Excellency the President of the Republic to the importance of the continuation of activities required by the community reconciliation project through initiatives leading to the empowerment of social cohesion and to address the split in society and establish tolerance, cooperation and openness values.

    The representative of the President of the Republic on the readiness to provide all the conditions that will help to achieve progress and to address terrorism, adding that efforts to achieve reconciliation comes in conjunction with victories against terrorism, which must be a catalyst for progress.

    And she showed Ms. Liz Carranda deputy UN representative in Iraq to support the efforts of the International Organization of community reconciliation, noting that community reconciliation is the key to the solution to all problems.

    She said Ms. Carranda that the United Nations has a rich experience in the field of community reconciliation and ready to be harnessed in order to serve Iraq.

    And noted the deputy representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq that reconciliation and community long project requires a fundamental contribution to the political parties and with the participation of ethnic and religious minorities as well as the involvement of women effectively.

    The conference witnessed submit work paper on national and community reconciliation general framework as the Attorney Hisham al-Suhail, Chairman of the Justice and Accountability Commission in the House of Representatives that national reconciliation constitute a cornerstone in the joints of the Iraqi society and build the political process, noting that the Committee sought to legislation laws related to national reconciliation, including the Law The issue of justice and the law banning the Baath Party and the law of similarity of names.

    He pointed out that the MP Suhail Committee set up workshops in the interest of national reconciliation in the presence of civil society organizations.

    But Mr. Adam Abdel Mawla UN Development Office has identified the basic guarantees for the achievement of national reconciliation that is comprehensive, deep and affects all members of society as well as to take place via the national leadership united achieve true reconciliation.

    Mr. Mawla He pointed out that reconciliation does not take place only if there is a law that regulates the process and specifies the time frame and be inclusive of all segments of society, with the existence of absolute monarchy by the parties to participate in reconciliation.

    For his part, Dr Fanny de Browse just director reconciliation office in South Africa's successful experience which has seen the Republic of South Africa is to achieve societal reconciliation, stressing the importance of the role of government and non-governmental organizations in the leadership of the reconciliation process and the deployment of trust and tolerance in the community and build the foundations of infrastructure in this regard.

    Ms. unit Jumaili adviser Chairman of the Board of Representatives for reconciliation and called for the expansion of the national reconciliation project beyond the political class and jointly prepared to meet the challenges of the stage.

    Jumaili explained reconciliation includes the reform of the judiciary and the fight against corruption and the corrupt and the support of representatives of areas devastated by terrorism and address the suffering of Displacement and Migration and negative effects of displacement as well as the focus on the formation of an independent body to deal with the prisoners and their issues and giving a greater role to the House of Representatives this project.

    Mr. Scott and accept from the UN human rights office steps towards reconciliation, pointing to the importance of healing the rift between the parties of the society and the fight against terrorism and fanning respect human rights and uphold the law, noting that the community reconciliation process, a difficult process that needs time, but the Iraqi people Bamgah civilization capable of success, expressing support Human rights Office for Iraq.

    The conference included four workshops on the role of the Iraqi parliament and the provincial councils and the role of the executive branch as well as the role of civil society organizations held in addition to the review of the role of media in community reconciliation project.

    The recommendations included a workshop the role of civil society organizations, taking into account the specificity of each province through the formation of local community-based vision of the provinces with the participation of community-wide and evaluate what is being implemented by the government in the area of ​​national reconciliation and to involve young people and women and teams volunteer in the peace and reconciliation initiatives and monitor violations and a culture of cohesion and the involvement of civil society organizations in addition to the reconciliation committees to develop a plan for each province to achieve reconciliation and strengthen the training of security institutions to deal with the community, especially the displaced.

    The workshop recommended the role of the House of Representatives and the provinces by the reconciliation committee to hold a meeting with the committees of reconciliation in the presidents and ministers with the participation of parliamentary committees with the legislation of the National Reconciliation Act and communication between the MP and the citizen, as well as to strengthen the partnership between the parliament and civil society organizations and support the role of the provincial councils in the reconciliation project and speed up the transfer of powers and form a parliamentary bloc cross-sectarian.

    And it went out on the role of the executive branch of the workshop a number of recommendations, notably legislation, the National Reconciliation Act and activate the applicable laws Bmaydmn social justice and access to social reconciliation and the unification of national reconciliation efforts at the institutional level as well as support the ministries and relevant institutions in the coordination of reconciliation and the establishment of executive institutions monitoring the field for the causes which hinder national reconciliation In collaboration with the UN High Commissioner for Human rights, the higher authorities as well as the promotion of a culture of tolerance through the curriculum, which must be practical and effective is far from negative thoughts and work to unite the religious discourse to ensure co-existence.

    The recommendations included a workshop the role of media in promoting community reconciliation and social cohesion put media mechanisms proposed to employ the role of the media to achieve societal reconciliation and social cohesion, including the reduction of media behavior that would weaken national reconciliation, such as transferring the statements and opinions and attitudes of sectarian and factional which weaken community reconciliation through the media to citizen, if those means addressed such statements and opinions and positions shall be in order to address them to shrink and to prevent the media turn into a platform for advertising to promote political figures in order to gain popularity mass as part of the early campaigning on reconciliation account and social cohesion, and promoting attitudes and formalities social and religious situations The union, which supports social reconciliation and peaceful co-existence and social cohesion and ignore those that undermine reconciliation.

    She pointed to the importance of the recommendations cover what the government decision and making the legislative and judicial institutions, and informal institutions as part of a community reconciliation, including personal relations between politicians. And focus on the principle of peaceful coexistence in the whole of Iraq in all its sects and components, and highlight popular events as representing the face of peaceful and civilized for the Iraqi people, and to avoid focusing on the negative aspects that accompany such events while urging the media, all to cover the exchange of visits between the influence of various components, and religious communities personalities to religious sites to those communities in Iraq and general social places.

    She said recommendations of the value of taking the principle of social and peaceful communication in the IDP crisis and cover symbiotic initiatives, where there are a lot of them are still dependent on the assistance to be provided to them by the associations and civic organizations (religious and nonreligious) in addition to government assistance and bring the media spotlight on cooperation between civil society organizations in all provinces and local care and not an international to be more related to the Iraqi reality with the need to focus on university life as they represent a face Jamilaoetjsida alive on peaceful coexistence in the Iraqi society, and the need for the media based on the output of research centers to deal with what is produced in this area with the provision of programs the reports and documentaries about the experiences of other countries and peoples in both positive and negative directions and the results of both of them.

    She stressed the recommendations on the need for the legislature passed a law regulating the work of the media procedures and mechanisms are to enforce the law includes a requirement that Inal this law of media freedom guaranteed by the Constitution while working to form a committee comprising a group of media professionals, journalists and academics to prepare a code of conduct informational media pledges commitment to its principles which include the lack of trading terms and phrases exciting for the band and defections and social conflicts and the call to build a national strategy to promote contemporary culture in Iraq and the expansion of the theme of social acculturation.

    Recommendations included orientation need to fragmentation of the media and communications to the two bodies, one a private communications and other media contributes to the support of the media and their staff through the organization of developmental workshops and support independent media in addition to monitoring the media that broadcast disturb project community reconciliation and to require the official media of the state real adopt project community reconciliation through media campaigns planned with the benefit of social media in creating an environment that fosters community reconciliation and civil peace and partnership between civil society organizations and the media to advocate for the goals and decisions of community reconciliation.

    The recommendations called for the union Journalists Syndicate press releases and other organizations to take action that will close the doors of the media in front Translated to the profession and who did not get on the rehabilitation of a media enough to protect the message media noble of the futility of the owners and the instigators of narrow interests, with the formation of a temporary cell emerge from a conference the House of Representatives or the standing committee (similar to the British ofcom mission control and monitor what is published and broadcast through the media of inciting material breach of ethical rules of the profession, and alert them and warn them and to submit complaints to the judiciary against media institutions concerned at the repetition.

    And it recommended the workshop to take formal legal action to achieve the goal through commissioning CMC to the monitoring unit where the task of controlling all the media and their performance is evaluated from the perspective of the contribution of each of them in promoting community reconciliation and social cohesion or not and submit periodic reports so to official bodies. Monitoring is to have towards media messages includes all the channels and the media does not exclude anyone and take all the deterrent legal action against any media do not adhere to this approach and do not provide facilities for the media, which do not adhere to the community Tazizalmassalhh standards and social cohesion and to warn of the risk of non-compliance with those mechanisms on the present and the future community as this has a negative effect on the mental and cultural composition of the individual.

    Recommendations include a liquid to achieve the goal through the production of serious programs by official institutions and senior leaders and officials as part of community reconciliation and social cohesion and the existence of a real and strong will of all parties to achieve this goal, otherwise the media will not be able to eat non-existent on the ground issues.

    The information department
    Iraqi Council of Representatives


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