Oil obliges the company invested to provide Iraq Missan refinery 150,000 barrels per day

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Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil for liquidation Jafar said the rulers that the ministry has committed investing company to hold the refinery Maysan supplying Iraq's 150,000 barrels per day, despite all the political and regional changes and Searah.oukal rulers in a speech during the celebration of the foundation stone for the construction and investment refinery in Missan "We're putting the Today we celebrate the birth of the said economic and promising the land of Maysan, the first large investment project in the liquidation industry in all of Iraq, where culminated in the oil Ministry's efforts contract was signed with a consortium of Maysan international refinery company, a Wheaton Chinese Bohan company, a state-owned company is a major engineering companies and processing and the Chinese construction and by {85%} The Swiss company Satarm by {15%}. " "It was the coalition with funding from the Bank of Jaynh Djellob and Aksen Bank of Time will not Iraqi government bears no Iraqi banks any contribution to finance the project." He explained that "the contract was in accordance with the Investment refineries Law No. 64 of 2008," noting that "the most important points that it offers the refinery set up a guarantee for the amount of Iraqi oil a permanent buyer is estimated at 150 thousand barrels per day and to ensure that an important part of Iraq's need for oil products, and reiterates inside Iraq without exposure to drop out for any reason related to political changes in the region or climate variability or any difficulty with regard to maritime transport. " He pointed out that "these products will be the best quality and the highest global environmental standards and provide approximately 2,000 jobs for the people of the province and moving the local market, directly and indirectly, and the conversion of Maysan province to the point of attraction for the capital of investees" .wardv saying that "the success of this mission experience will stimulate the economic cycle Nothing in Maysan alone, but in all of Iraq is our hope that all cooperate in the oil ministry and all the concerned ministries and the central government, especially in the local government of the province of Maysan, with the cooperation we have developed hand in hand is to facilitate the establishment of the refinery on schedule. " And The governor of Maysan Ali Douai that "follow-up committee of investment projects in the province will follow up and supervise the project to establish a draft international refineries Maysan according to agreed standards, calling on the people of the province to show cooperation from the implementing agencies to make it .ozkr Douai during the ceremonial foundation stone for the project of building and investing refinery put Maysan "the province is seeking to implement the annual development plans through investment, put the investment map vary in all industrial, residential, commercial, recreation and tourism sectors and other sectors, and that the local government in Maysan supportive for the success of the investment process." He added that "a lot of investment opportunities in the pipeline. In the housing sector, there is a project for more than 3000 housing units, and another project of 600 units and other projects for a number of residential units in addition to the existence of other projects on the way to finding investment opportunities for them, and in the manufacturing sector there is an effort to accomplish an industrial city on an area of ​​4000 acres, and currently has been granted two chances on this earth to plant the iron and steel plant, cement and there are more than 10 companies Introduction desire to investment projects, as well as there are investment projects in the aspects of health, tourism and others. " "The success in the process of investment interest in the local government's evidence and we have reached an important point, an investment in a project of international refineries of Maysan, the significance lies in the many things that will be provided by the refinery and will support the petro-dollar program, especially after increasing the amount to five dollars, adding that" oil production the refineries will turn the province's dominant provinces financially ", stressing that" the government supportive of the project being meets the need of the province and the country, in the labor run and provide derivatives, these investments will be a turning point in Maysan's economy. " He called on the province sons support these projects, especially the draft international refineries Maysan, demanding involved in the oil ministry and the companies executed to complete the procedures in 10 days in order to complete the terms of funding and to stand united as one to build the project, Mherta to the existence of the problem in the province to oversee the investment projects will enter the project in follow-up of this committee. " The Oil Ministry announced last Monday that "the current week will see the foundation stone of the refinery Maysan international situation, which is the first investment refinery in Iraq and the capacity of 150 thousand barrels per day," adding that "Maysan international refinery project is carried out by a component of the two coalition {and insulted} Chinese , and {Estarim} Swiss "on the other hand Maysan Provincial Council stressed that" the refinery project is a milestone in the Iraqi economy because it arises by investing for the first time in Iraq. "he said head of the oil and gas Rahi Albzona during his speech to the status of the foundation stone of the refinery that "refinery in Missan is a landmark project in Maysan economy of private and Iraq in general, what distinguishes from its inception to invest in a way," pointing out that "significantly contributes to attract capital to the province, helping to overcome the financial crisis and to deliver a message to anyone who tries to Iraq makes the dark area. "He continued that" the project will reduce oil imports and contribute to providing products and oil derivatives, which would make it the most important pillars of the oil industry, in addition to creating suitable job opportunities and employment. "