Sistani refuses to block submission of corrupt officials to eliminate


Sunday , February 28, 2016

As the Iraqi Integrity Commission continues to take action to refer the senior officials to justice on charges of corruption has received support from top Shi'ite cleric Sistani today stressing stand with them in their efforts to expose corruption and called investigators to pursue legal avenues to expose the corrupt and squatters on public money and bring them to justice to receive their just punishment.

Received Iraqi public integrity Commission in support of top Shi'ite cleric in the country , Grand Ayatollah Ali al - Sistani to its procedures in the fight against corruption and the assignment of officials , including senior to of judges on corruption charges , where Mr. Ahmed net certified reference Supreme Friday sermon preacher , Karbala President Hassan al - Yassiri told to support these actions and describe them courage. He said parking highest religious authority with the employees of the Authority and investigators on their side in their endeavors Avenue to detect citizen corruption.
Net and described the recent investigators of measures to announce the first and second phase of the officials money inflation and the formation of field teams and mobile phones to follow the remaining courage file. He assured all employees of the board of fairness that all true patriots are standing by their side, "and asked them to continue to follow the legal avenues to expose the corrupt and squatters on public money and bring them to justice to receive their just punishment, stressing the parking supreme religious authority on their side , " he said a press release of the Commission reviewed the text "Culture" Sunday.

The integrity Commission has referred the last week of six senior officials to justice on charges of inflated money and graft .. she According to the authority vested in the law referred the second group of defendants claiming inflated money and graft to eliminate indicating that the procedures investigative led to the existence of signs of inflation money each of the Vice - President of the former ministers Bahaa al - Araji, Saleh al - Mutlaq and director Nuri al - Maliki , Prime Minister 's Office commander in chief of the armed forces formerly Farouk al - Araji , the Mayor of Baghdad , Naim Abaob and the Ministers of Justice Haider Zamili and water resources Mohsen al - Shammari and former Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways.

These measures have been met with threats of the accused to sue the Commission for defamation and launched a scathing attack against the procedures and questioned the legality of which crossed his body astonishment of "delinquency some to accusations it at the time of exercise a part of their competence commissioned by law her while she was these sounds themselves and others disgracing them in previous years slow procedures and put them in the position of the charge. "

The Commission confirmed that it continuously work an escalating pace, particularly through inflated money and graft file despite the difficulties they face and the lack of helpers have an advocate national and national media to stand by her side and distance for distorting the facts she says. ,
and earlier this month said Walid al- Hilli MP for the Islamic Dawa Party , adviser to Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi said Commission on public integrity has coped during the last period with 15 thousand the issue of anti - corruption and referred more than 18 ministers and 100 General manager , and is responsible to the Iraqi judiciary. He noted that "there is a development in the elimination of financial and administrative corruption , but it needs the cooperation of ministries and regulatory bodies" .. calling for political blocs to provide ministers of qualified professionals in the expected amendment of Ministers.

The Criminal integrity Court announced on the fifth of January (January) the past 642 for resolving the issue over the past year in 2015 while confirming that the issues included ministers and directors of two years .. while the parliamentary integrity Commission announced on the first of September (last September) on the transfer of more than 540 file corruption to the integrity Commission.