Sadr's positions threatening the "disintegration" of the National Alliance .. and Shiites with recourse to constitutional ways

02/28/2016 (00:01 pm)

BAGHDAD / Wael blessing

Threatening chest demonstration in Tahrir Square , the expansion of the division circuit within the Shiite alliance, which is facing a leadership crisis with concern boss Ibrahim al - Jaafari , the management of the Foreign Ministry portfolio, and the lack of agreement on the head of an alternative, according to deputies from the coalition.

In the meantime, some Shiite blocs warned of a "monopoly" in the the adoption of the reform projects in isolation from the National Alliance.

Furthermore, considered the state of law, the ruling bloc in Iraq, al- Sadr threatened to storm the green Zone as a "possible", calling on al - Abadi to accelerate the achievement of Altgier.lkn mass Hakim believes that " al- Sadr threatened" may open the door to some parties "lurking" coup against legitimacy. Citing the need to uphold the Constitution and legal procedures to change the government or dissolve parliament.

He praised Muqtada al - Sadr demonstrators who turned out Friday in Tahrir Square, and invited them to continue demonstrations until " the end of the 45 - day deadline given to the government to achieve the reforms."

He threatened the chest in a press release, Saturday , " the implementation of the other steps in the absence of a reform . " the deputies of the liberal bloc, had threatened that Sadrists audience will resort to stay in the streets if the prime minister did not respond to the chest Mtalibhm.oukdm, last week, a list of some 20 political figure The lawsuit said the academy as "independent , " and its mission to help choose the new ministerial Abadi cabin. He warned that the lack of acceptance of the political blocs , this proposal will be followed by "other steps".

Chest facing the National Alliance and the payment of the leader of the Sadrist movement, since his arrival to Baghdad last weekend, with all his weight toward the "reform project", amid the chill other Shiite parties, recognized by the head of the citizen Hamid vegetative, who said that " the National Alliance deal with the issue of change is not the event level."

Commenting on the demonstration of the Sadrists, MP Ali gesture, deputy head of the Badr, that "this matter will cause the creation of sensitivities between the National Alliance components showing one of the parties as a hero reform in the absence of other parties. "

The member of the Badr bloc, told the (range), to" adopt a unified position within the National Alliance on the issue of reforms and a change of government , "stressing that" the work individually exacerbating the problem will not be solved. "

He said Shi'ite lawmakers that the National Alliance meetings are limited to some of the characters, and are inviting all to participate in the biggest bloc in the parliament parties.

And ended the last meeting of the alliance, the middle of this month, to compel Abadi not to take any step without the display on the alliance Aloutna.oohal last meeting to discuss amendments ministerial, put forward by al - Abadi, a special meeting, but the meeting has not been held yet.

Attribute MP Ali gesture " the disintegration of the National Alliance 's position in the issue of reforms and the rest of the strategic issues to busy alliance president Ibrahim al - Jaafari at the Foreign Ministry , " stressing that " the absence of al - Jaafari greatly impacted on action Alliance and he soon became a disintegration ".oigb Jaafari for Iraq, since the middle of this month, in the Maghreb tour, initiated by a visit to Tunisia lasted five days, then to Algeria , coming from Morocco. And still bubbling conflict, since last year, the presidency of the "National Alliance" between the Dawa Party and the Supreme Council.

Failure borne by everyone and about the last - Sadr 's speech, which is discharged in which of his ministers and his call for accountability of all corrupt, says deputy head of the Badr Ali gesture "can not say that the minister does not represent the President of the mass. is responsible for their position in the government. "

He said the gesture" is not correct to absolve themselves of responsibility. everyone involved in the government and in the failure and success , "adding that" vex the process of the charges on the other parties is not true. "

Sadr said Friday , " The government has left people struggling with death and fear, hunger, unemployment and occupation." " The Kvahm thefts Kvahm corrupt."

In the same context, confirms MP Abdul Salam al - Maliki, a member of the state of law, that " the Sadrists and the rest of the blocks partner security, political and economic failure in Iraq . " He added Maliki, in an interview with the (range), " The ongoing protests since last summer , did not blame went to the head of the government only, but affected all the political blocs. " He stressed that " a common responsibility for all the blocks that have entered into alliances formed by successive governments over the past decade."

He accused al- Sadr, in his last speech, the former government 's internal and external crises experienced by the country now. Sadr said that "al - Abadi After that enabled him reforms but dawdle , " stressing that " the prime minister is obliged to reform the root and not Prosthetic, although not fit immediately going to say yes to reform and yes to hold accountable corrupt and both both corruption" .otdam state law, which the President belongs the government, in the last steps to change the government.

MP says Abdul Salam al - Maliki said his bloc "want to have a comprehensive reform of the deputy ministers and directors general of military positions and not just of Ministers." Abadi called on to start the ministers of state Aleghanon.oaakd Maliki that "Abadi still looking for compatibility in the next government formation , " attributing it to the prime minister to try to "avoid blocking a vote on the new cabin." He says a member of the state of law. "The Al - Abbadi transfer the government to the caretaker government for two months while the other chooses an alternative."

Threats to the leader of the Sadrist movement but MP Abdul Salam al - Maliki confirms that " al- Sadr is still in favor of the government and put pressure on the Prime Minister for a change , " and believes that "slowing Abadi in his quest will lead to a rise in protests Sadrists and they may break into the green . "

He said Sadr, who holds liberal bloc led by the 34 parliamentary seats and three cabinet positions:" We are on the green walls and tomorrow , the day people will be where to regain the rights of corrupt oppressors " in turn , to Aaaad MP Salim Shawki, a member bloc citizen, " the use of force to change the government." In reference to al- Sadr threatened to storm the area Mahsnh.ufema denied Shawki, in an interview with the (range), to have an opinion of his bloc, but said he "rejects the tip broke into the green because it will open the door to some of the critics of the coup against legitimacy" .oansah member citizen Block B "resort to constitutional methods and elections to change the ruling elite, or the dissolution of parliament and the government , " .palmkabl support the mass of citizens, led by Ammar al - Hakim, Sadr 's recent initiative to nominate a committee to choose a new government. But they differ with him in the mechanisms, constitute some of the names on the committee.