Development loans

Author: Yasser incumbent

2/28/2016 0:00

The government is seeking to reactivate the productive sectors as a solution irreplaceable to compensate for the decline in financial resources by the significant decline in oil prices and expectations of a continued decline for an unspecified Msmy.otaol government to the Iraqi Central Bank initiative customize it sum up to 6 trillion dinars in loans developmental lending through private and government banks and by 1 5 trillion dinars, experts believe that these amounts can make a real productivity revolution , whether invested in their allocated production projects.

It appears that the delay obvious has been the launch, and I think that this delay is necessary to regulate the lending process and do not let Bzhabha unheeded , as in loans preceded in various fields and trends Vkarod the ( a hundred salary) dissipated and loans (housing) and ineffective due to lack of study directed towards the target.

This time we see the seriousness of the inventory of loans and direct development Nhawwagv and activating the productive sectors that are active economic cycle and the cooperation of the government in the face of severe financial crisis , that this delay must be an end to proceed with implementation.

Has alerted analytical economic post to a colleague Abu Mayssam to issue very important when he called to study the effect of these loans in foreign currency and side effects of inflation and increased demand for and impact the currency in the cash reserve must by taking his valuable observations seriously.

It is our point of view from another angle, in these loans summed up the need to set the pace in addressing other economic phenomena, and since we are counting on the revitalization of the productive sectors they are definitely an effective means to absorb unemployment, meaning that it will create jobs real for the unemployed, but the sustainability of this goal we have to speed up the enactment of the social security Act , which guarantees young people went to work in private enterprise established and expected Enough to rely on the general government functions.