Economists: billions of dinars from the state treasury drained by social protection network

02/28/2016 (0:01 pm)

Baghdad / Ibrahim Ibrahim

Economists stressed, on Saturday, that drained the treasury of the country during the previous years, billions of dinars through the network of social protection, calling for the restructuring of the joints of the Ministry of Labour and update its laws in line of the evolution in the world of human development.
The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, announced the put through a complete system of social protection in collaboration with the World Bank map, confirmed the increase of social protection network allocations to one trillion and 900 billion dinars, and pointed out that the integration of the pension fund and social security proposal led to a delay in legislation Security Act.

The economist said Mustafa Mohamed Habib said in an interview for the "long", that "the social classification of the various segments of society system is lagging behind in Iraq for several reasons, the most important and realistic recurrent crises experienced by the country over the past four decades."
He added that "the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of digital and research institutions to find and address the social ills and not a banking institution distributes money without incorrect data recipients to rules."
Habib said, "and explained the process of the development of human resources of the country are not lagging behind by laws and regulations and rigid individual does not take into account the great development witnessed by the world in the field of human resources development for an important figure in the national product in most major countries."
He said the "waste of billions of dinars during the last 13 years by the money of the citizens and families distributed randomly base without correct information identifying groups in need of support from others."
Habib stressed that "financial and administrative corruption Information received through the media from time to time protection network and the extent of financial embezzlement that went to the pockets of officials and members belonging to them makes it imperative for the government to restructure the joints of the ministry to support the process of concentration."
The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mohammad Xiaa Sudan, Wednesday (February 24 216), on the sidelines of the workshop held by the ministry in cooperation with the World Bank, at the Rashid Hotel in central Baghdad, and attended (range Press), said that "today was held a workshop discussions between the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs The Organisation for social protection in collaboration with the World Bank and the presence of national retirement and representatives of the Ministry of planning Commission to present by approved by the ministry and mission of the World Bank map. "
He said the Sudanese, that the "road map Bstratejah related to social protection, which includes the three components of social protection networks, and Social Security (public and private retirement) and labor market policies," noting that "the ministry has worked on this map years ago."
He said the Sudanese, that the "road map represents a strategy towards comprehensive social protection system ensures that the citizen can be either within the social protection network, or the two pension funds in the public and private sector, or that includes the policies and programs of the labor market, which represents human investment," adding that "the ministry has worked all of these things in difficult circumstances in 2016 due to poor budget allocations. "
The Minister of Labour, that "the support of the World Bank is a technical support for the development of capacity," pointing out that "the government has provided additional allocations for the social protection network is 600 billion dinars to become the total amount trillion and 900 billion dinars, which will allow the ministry to expand the coverage of the biggest many as possible below the poverty line. "
In response to a question by a reporter (range Press), about the reasons for delay in pension law, social security, the Sudanese explained, "There is a proposal within this strategy and adopted by the Prime Minister to merge the pension fund and social security so that they can move from the private sector to the public sector and vice versa," he "The aim of the move is to activate the private sector equal privileges among workers in both sectors."
The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, that "the bill is still in the Council of State."
The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani, announced in the (third from September 2015), the adoption of a draft pension law and social security for workers, after some necessary amendments to the paragraphs, while the detection of sending the draft to the Cabinet for approval, he stressed that there oriented government for the integration of the two pension funds and warranty with the common retirement fund.
In turn, the economic expert Uday Abdul Ameer Amer said in an interview for the "long", that "social welfare laws need to package minutes reforms to address the problems developed as a result of political and economic changes that have passed since the Iraqi society."
He added that "reform is not a simple distribution of cash does not exceed 200 thousand per month for a family of five people, but by the rehabilitation of community members and provide real jobs."
Amer said that "human development progresses file today to be an effective tool in the economic policy of the major countries, while the Iraqi government is not successful until now in the distribution of grant recipients to steal the corrupt."
The Committee on Labour and Social Affairs Parliamentary suggested, in the (second from September 2015), introduced a draft pension law and social security to parliament in November last, after the Ministry of Labour and submit their observations on it, while shown that aims to ease the burden on government jobs, confirmed it offers the possibility of self-employed for a minimum pension of 250 thousand dinars to secure their future.
The advantages of pension law and social security for workers is optional escrow so that the employer is entitled to the categories of self-employed inclusiveness Branch retirement and benefit from the advantages present and future, and to ensure that workers in the informal sector groups, and the inclusion of roving guards and porters, vendors and other provisions of the new draft law, as well as support wide by the general budget of the pension Fund and social security to pay for the burdens of entry under the social welfare umbrella and implement the content of the international recommendation 204 for the year 2015, which means the process of legal and technical transition from the informal to the formal economy, with increases or raising the level of women working to protect when pregnancy and childbirth and beyond and increasing the length of maternity leave to 14 weeks in implementation of the ILO Convention 183 on maternity protection.