Announces Plan of borrowing
28/2/2016 12:00 am

Baghdad-Mostafa Hashemi

The Finance Ministry has announced its plan to 2016 for borrowing to issue Treasury remittances through auctions overseen by the Central Bank.

The plan included the establishment of 11 auctions yearly to sell Treasury remittances worth 400 billion auction-according to the Bulletin of the Ministry in this regard.
According to the law on public debt, which authorized the Ministry of finance to allocate Treasury guaranteed by the Government, the CBI, for being an agent of the Ministry's financial management the Government allocate Treasury Auctions on behalf of the Ministry, which will according to the parameters of the annual budget law to allocate Treasury for government funding.

According to the Central Bank has held its first annual auction download Y number 17 on the fourth of this month after approval from the Ministry of finance, which has been selling the full amount of the offering price cut for Richelle, competitive auctions 4.00 percent with an average yield of 4.00 percent.

The statement said participated in the auction 5 beneficiaries and won both the national pension service and body care for minors with the full amount of the offerings in the amounts provided by the two chambers.

It should be noted that the twenty-third month next March will see the establishment of a second auction of Treasury transfers the amount of offerings.

That little amount of offerings for every auction of Treasury transfers auctions to 2014 was 500 billion dinars, the number of auctions held 10 auctions during 2014.