The parliamentary Economic Committee proposes the sale of crude oil with the dinar the lraqi to support and increase value
Date: Friday, 16-03-2012 11: 45 am

Baghdad (newsletter) ... Economic Committee member suggested Deputy Iraqi coalition//Noora albegari sell crude Iraqi dinar instead of the dollar, to support the local currency and increased value to currency.
She albegari (News Agency news) on Friday: must work towards increasing the dinar to currency and make international currency dinar deals by all States through the sale of oil in Iraqi dinars rather than in US dollars as some oil-producing countries and sells its oil for support and increase its value.
She added: the sale of crude if Iraqi dinar, will lead to increased demand for purchased by auction, the Central Bank and this will lead to increased exchange rate for currency and forcing the world to deal with the Iraqi currency abroad.
She albegari to: that the Central Bank does not approve the sale of oil in Iraqi dinars for fear of fraud in local currency that the phenomenon now deployed in local markets because of special security situation faced by Iraq after a year (2003), indicating that this process needs to be security stability through tightening economic security forces work to prevent fraud or the like.