Feb 27, 2016
Expose the Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi on activation code "where did you get this to see cases of graft among officials in the State, and accounting from enriched through and through the use of public money, and return the stolen money, the campaign against corruption and corrupt people in the country.

The Prime Minister during a Conference of community reconciliation and social cohesion attended by correspondent news economy, revealed economic committees, parties and influential personalities and blocks in the State, and its rates of construction projects.
He and causing Abadi blocks wethazab in assignment of inefficient projects, create projects that are not important and not her highest priority, but burdened State and its budget deficit and prevented them from implementing vital projects and task, and why the presence of influential people in the State of WA Allo projects for companies, political parties and their lumps.

The Prime Minister said that the Government has a clear vision to create an economic and commercial interdependence with neighboring countries and the region and the world, to form a large economic force is working on strengthening the position of Iraq and economic ties with the countries of the region and the world, be a substitute for political relations that could be delayed because of a political decision here or there.

Iraq has a vision of the interconnectedness of economic and trade with the region and countries of the world, for the protection of alastkarar, and the formation of large economic power strengthened the prestige of Iraq and its relations with States, and better political relations are prone to disintegration