Group of Twenty decides to adopt new policies to support the global economy


Finance ministers and central bank governors of the Group of Twenty in Shanghai

Roudao - Erbil

Group of Twenty nations agreed to adopt a monetary stimulus policies and a tax to support a slowing global economy appears to the global recovery is uneven and less than expected.

He said those countries financial ministers, meeting since Friday in Shanghai, to the risks faced by the growth and the trauma that can be caused by a possible exit of Britain from the European Union.

The final statement stressed the need to use all the means of monetary policies and fiscal stimulus and structural reforms on an individual and collective level of the same time, following "The central banks have to continue and strengthen its policies which are already lenient."

The statement said that "monetary policy will continue to support activity and ensure price stability, even though it will not lead alone to sustainable growth," pointing to the need to "apply the fiscal policy which is based on increased public spending to stimulate activity in a flexible manner."

And called on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, on Friday, the twenty largest economies in the world, to strengthen the pace of reforms to support economic growth, and increase productivity as well as providing employment opportunities.