Detail .. disclose plot to assassinate Muqtada al-Sadr , "special battalion"

2016-02-27 22:10:05 | (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

Leading role in one of the Shiite factions detect the failure of a plan to assassinate the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr, upon leaving the Tahrir Square after delivering a speech amid about 150 thousand of his followers, last Friday.

According to the former leader of the "Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades , " which he identified himself as "Abu Sajjad", the "plan by the Shiite group, calling itself the (special battalion) was just 30 minutes away from al- Sadr 's assassination after leaving Tahrir Square, However , the plan failed. "

The source revealed that the special battalion elements "I trained for the assassination of the quality of operations in both Iran and the Badra and Jassan eastern Iraq and the border with Iran, at the hands of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have been trained elements 140 component's population of southern Lebanon by Hezbollah elements" .

In detail, said Abu Sajjad , who spoke over the phone, " The three groups were waiting for the chest out of Tahrir Square, after his performance for Friday prayers amid his supporters, to target the convoy of weapons - propelled grenades and grenade launchers, but the latter after delivering his speech asked his supporters to pray each in his district before leaving the place quickly, protecting a convoy of 15 armored car. "
" I was two sets Turabtan in two locations on the path of Muhammad al - Qasim rapid and precisely when one turns that force cars to slow its speed, to target al- Sadr 's convoy with rockets (flood) which is the Iranian version of the missile (Jintao) American."
" The third set was a movement mechanism which is about Qazfti bombs automatic Iranian - made ​​40 mm and a range of up to 2,200 meters, two vehicles on my car pregnancy, was its mission to address the reactions of firearms from the chest protection and silenced," which according to the source "provided military aid from Iran 's Revolutionary Guards to the Shiite Badr Brigade of the Supreme Council for the breakaway led by Ammar al - Hakim stream. "
Unusually, Taleb al- Sadr after his sermon Friday past, his supporters to establish prayer in their respective regions and then walked quickly from the platform , which had prepared a central Tahrir Square in Baghdad, Maani that "Hamayate discovered planned to assassinate him after Friday prayers, and by stationing in charge of the groups that are in place, what a missed opportunity Shiite parties , which tried to liquidate the background of political conflicts between the Shiite window wings in Iraq, says Abu Sajad.
A few days ago, saw Kut southeast Iraq, burning images Shiite cleric, Muqtada al - Sadr 's late father, and the assault on the headquarters of the Sadrists in some areas of the province by the Shiite parties, was said to be "unknown" in the province 's police promised an investigation into the attacks , which she described views Shia as "attempts to divide the doctrine."
The raised - Sadr threatened to storm the Green Zone, on Friday, a wave of reaction to the political movement, especially among the pro-regime Wali al - Faqih in Iran , the Shiite parties that dominate the government positions and aspects of the state, while his protest movement witnessed the presence and support of the "Iraq Scholars" Sunni who attended to Tahrir Square , and participated in the protests demanding political reforms in the country.