Jubouri should be declared 2016 the year of reconciliation

By Roudao

5 hours ago

Roudao - Baghdad

The head of the Iraqi parliament Saleem al-Jubouri, expressed his appreciation for all of the help Iraq through official routes.

He spoke Jubouri through community-based reconciliation conference, which was held on Saturday, saying: "Without the cooperation and solidarity can not confront terrorism," stressing that any regional effort for Iraq must pass through the United Nations, noting that most of the previous documents of the Iraqi reconciliation did not accomplished so far.

He stressed Jubouri the importance assigned to the media with the support of social reconciliation, and that the government, parliament and all bodies to strengthen procedures for this reconciliation, pointing to the need to bear arms only to the state, and to accelerate reforms ministerial anticipated, and that it should be declared 2016 a year of reconciliation and reintegration of displaced persons.