Abadi: We aspire to form a parliamentary bloc cross-sectarian and able to solve the crises


Saturday , February 27, 2016

Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, said he aspires to form a large parliamentary bloc to support his government and overcome the crisis. "

According to al - Abadi in a speech at a conference of community reconciliation held in Baghdad today, that" a lot of political blocs today erected on the basis of ethnic, sectarian, and I aspire to find a large block fleeting sectarianism and ethnicity can be achieved and I wish I could be like this bloc in the upcoming elections and to be not only the names of diverse and reflect the community to cross the crisis. "

" There are slogans raised by many must be transformed into a realistic application, and there are the first two schools to say and another to say, work , and we do not need slogans not imagine that there is a political bloc recognizes Bmsaolh about the corruption in the country and the whole disclaims they appoint ministers who are Evradwnhm the Prime Minister and then renouncing them but they still cling to them! ".

He stressed Abadi he" can not reform society parties and the powerful are not valid and can not be to deepen the concept of democracy and these parties undemocratic "aggravating the" dimensions of the security services for political differences and do not allow the intervention of some of the work for these differences. "

The Prime Minister emphasized the need to " fight against corruption because it leads to the division of the community and some of the most important reasons for collapses security forces is corruption that has allowed it to spread , but we fought corruption in parts of the task, calling for "activation code [Where did you get this and we deepen the concept of accounting is not permissible for the heads of blocs to be above accountability, but include everyone."

He added that "there are economic committees of the parties influential take stakes financial all contracting and overtaking on public money and this money is not for the parties , and this is what leads to projects that are referred to the views of incompetent failure and today we have thousands of projects that are not needed and our involvement with and there are hundreds of projects we do not have their allocations and not a priority or importance of that act upon these money enormous and this is because of the powerful in the state they are to one another , not employees. "

He explained Abadi" there are influential to parties and blocs and we must expand the circle of responsibility and accountability on them and I do not want to charge one, but must be dealt Bsuasih with everyone on that side, unfortunately today the person or official who does not have support applied for by law and who has the support does not apply to it. "

Said the commander of the armed forces , " we are winning the Daash and move forward and we will win them, but the test and the real challenge is to eliminate the Aldaasha approach both in social work or from the state and must live and we have no option other . "

He noted , " we are trying hard to bring back displaced people to their homes after the liberation of their land and reconstruction , even if minimally to bring them back and this is the solution, but first we need to put the foundations of coexistence between the components and ethnicities, sects and among the political blocs , which plays an important role in stimulating community this coexistence. "

"There was refused in recent years from some areas of the Iraqi army, but today is welcome in all areas as national forces to defend the homeland and we have a responsibility to defend it and preserve it , and the security services to protect the people are not the parties and this is because we allow it and may be on the everyone not to let so this is a societal security. "

Said Abbadi" we do not call for a conference of reconciliation outside of Iraq , there is no opposition are banned inside Iraq and there is no political prosecution where, but the law prosecuted and affects those who have committed crimes and terrorist acts and criminal. "

He called on the prime minister to "community reconciliation in the liberated areas after trying Daash put the distinction between people of the same region , one clan and this challenge must be overcome and that is punishment only , which exceeded the law and do not want a collective punishment."

He continued , "We also seek to bring back displaced people to their homes and there is a successful experiment in Salah religion and a return in Diyala and we want to accelerate the state and apologize in general because of the austerity they can not compensate for all the losses that occurred, and we hope that many countries that contribute to the process of reconstruction, but because of the low price and the region 's economy and reconstruction needs a lot of money and years of work. "

He stressed Abadi , that "all Iraqis are equal before the law and should have access to services and we have to achieve this societal security, and we subsidize the others to come to terms with each other, " noting that " the region can not evolve and live safely only with the cooperation Andmtha and their peoples and others surprised the establishment of Iraq 's relations with all neighboring countries because we have a vision with the people of the region and enhance connectivity to prevent tremors that get peoples. "