Infallible: our idea of ​​reform must be comprehensive

2/27/2016 14:09

Bgdedda / Obelisk: called President Fuad Masum, the Sabbath, not to limit the reforms only executive organization, and while stressing the need to include the performance of political, legislative and security in the country, he stressed that the achievement of reforms and promotion of a genuine need for the will.

The representative of the President of the Republic Qahtan al-Jubouri in a speech representative of President Fuad Masum, through a national reconciliation conference held at the Rashid Hotel in central Baghdad, under the title (community reconciliation and social cohesion in support of the national reconciliation process), "The success in achieving national and community reconciliation is needed desperate to defeat terrorism and extremism, and to ensure the prevention of the return of danger. "

He said al-Jubouri, citing infallible, that "our idea of ​​reform must be comprehensive and can not progress in the reform of government institutions without political performance, legislative and security calendar can not be done only through the institution-building and the eradication of hotbeds of corruption," stressing that "the achievement of reforms and advancement really we need the will. "