Jaafari Abadi block calls to move away from the overall change minister and give advice

Saturday 27-02-2016 | 3:19:42

Twilight News / MP for Reform Bloc Haider Alfoada, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to the formation of a specialized committee and impartial evaluation of the new ministers within the upcoming change.

He said in an interview with Lord of Twilight News, "the Abadi clarify the reasons for the change within the assessment to be conducted by the Commission and the inequality between the minister and the minister failed successful because that would be tantamount to giving the wrong message to those who are working hard and dedication."

He noted that "the overall change without taking into account the evaluation of the work of successful minister would be calculated on the Prime Minister is the most important fundamental change rather than sweeping change."

Alfoada "The parliament also called not to vote on the new ministerial cabin, but after listening to the program Abadi practical and realistic in the economic and security reform, and what he will do in the revitalization of the economic and agricultural sectors, livestock and tourism industry and how to unleash a parallel economy by making the private sector partner with the government and competitor "in addition to" see a practical anti-corruption Do make single window to accomplish in ministries transactions of the citizens culture. "