Maliki's coalition demanded the Iraqi government to break off diplomatic relations with the UAE

Saturday 27-02-2016 | 12:56:40

Twilight News / MP called for a coalition of state law emotions blessing on Saturday the government to cut ties with the UAE on the back of its foreign minister's remarks against the popular crowd.

Her grace in a statement, said that "the popular crowd gave a great lesson to the world as the strength of the Iraqi people, formation of his sons to deal with terrorist groups backed by some of the neighboring countries and traitors at home without waiting for military aid from any country, even if left it dependent on the International Alliance of took several command years to cleanse Iraq of terrorism. "

It added that "cheap method that occur by the UAE Foreign Minister for the popular crowd reveals the panic that prevailed in some small states which used to interfere in the internal affairs of Iraq and the deployment of spies in the country under several names, Valhacd Pat huge Iraqi force in number and readiness, armament and has a weight at the regional level, and this is actually instill fear in the hearts of the sponsors of terrorism in the region and lovers Aldaasha thought, "she says.

And it showed a blessing that "the statements of the UAE adoptee will not affect the determination of the popular crowd in the fight against terrorism and uprooted, caravan going and dogs howl", expressing the view that "the appropriate response to these trivialities is to cut off relations with the UAE and the termination of any diplomat between the two countries represent."