Political blocs return the ball to the Abadi stadium after submitting the resignation of minister

02/26/2016 21:17

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Pat on the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi now proceed with the process of the reshuffle and display the names of new candidates to the House of Representatives. Thus said the deputy from the coalition Iraqi forces after being handed the five and their ministers submitted their resignations to the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri.

But a member of the bloc of Prime Minister believes that the resignation of Sunni ministers will not solve the problem, and wondering why the minister resigned provides little directly to the Abadi?

Kurdish forces in turn rejects resignations of Ministers put at the disposal of the heads of blocs, although support for the government to change.

Deputy for the Kurdistan Democratic bloc would have preferred offers the National Alliance, as the biggest bloc, his cabinet and the corrupt to justice rather than resign.

The ministers gave the masses of the citizen and the Union of Forces resignations and put at the disposal of the bloc. Still minister of state law and the Liberal bloc and Kurdish forces retain their positions. Prime Minister did not give until the moment the names of the new ministers on the blocks, according to deputies close to him.

But projections indicate that if the prime minister was not able to bring about change "comprehensive" in his booth government may resort to switch nine ministers, ministers managed certificates differ from the nature of the work of the ministry.

And he demanded the prime minister last week, the House of Representatives authorized the year to change the cabinet and the formation of the entire cabin and other cabins on according to "professional and competent".

He called Al-Abbadi while attending a session hosted by the House of Representatives, the political blocs to "waive electoral maturity for Iraq."

Coalition forces: we did what we

MP says Salah al-Jubouri, a leader of the coalition forces (range), "after he gave ministers Ktltna and other parties submitted their resignations to the heads of blocs stayed on the Prime Minister to go to the comprehensive change that seeks to him."

He Jubouri that "Abadi is announced through the media his intention to change the cabinet, did not inform the political blocs. Why wait now?".

And he surprised the Prime Minister, two weeks ago, the political blocs calling for a cabinet reshuffle "substantial" include personalities technocrats.

He called the House of Representatives and the political blocs in the government with the support that.

And it manages the coalition forces and ministries: defense, agriculture, education, planning, and electricity. The Ministerial limbering in the summer, to the loss of three positions, a coalition focused mainly vice presidents and ministers and merged with the Ministry of Environment Health.

Jubouri confirms that "the change of government does not matter as much as Ktltna our attention back to the previous government's program, which was the reason for our agreement to form a Abadi current government, which returned after six months of its formation to talk about change."

A leader of the Sunni bloc adds, "We want a government program, in addition to the previous paper, include clear and processors to change concerning the corruption files, services and other pressing issues."

Sees Jubouri that "Abadi vision for change is clear," adding that "the prime minister continues to commit past mistakes, such as the appointment four heads of independent bodies acting as parliament has not yet voted on a number of ambassadors and deputy ministers."

How to help blocs Abadi?

But the Messenger of Abu Hasna, MP for the rule of law, says (range) that "the political blocs would actually help Abadi wills it to approve the change without the requirements."

He said Abu Hasna "There blocks adheres to the quota system in the distribution of government posts and ministries." He called on the blocks that "progress Astqaladtha to the Prime Minister and the leaves of the latter is the formation of his government and presented to parliament."

And warns the Member State of law "to disrupt the public opinion because of the great debate over the change of government," and wondered about the fuss by saying, "Is Iraq the only country that wants to change his ministers?".

MP says Abu Hasna said, "confuse and launch convulsive statements about the cabinet reshuffle would not serve the political reform in the country."

Expecting that "the process of change will need a long time to convince the difficulty of the blocks, which includes multiple limbs to abandon its ministers."

The President of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, on Wednesday, sending an official letter to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi include the resignations of ministers mass citizen.

Hakim said in a press statement that "the change needs to assess the causes and Fmsawah successful Balvashl is not reform but an escape forward."

The citizen has the block three ministries, namely: oil, transport, youth and sports. Hakim bloc did not lose any ministerial portfolio during the reform packages last summer.

Shares jump on Kurds

On the other hand did not join the Kurdish forces yet to announce the resignations of the blocks public campaign.

MP says Arafat Karam, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Bloc, "We are not against change or take out the corrupt minister and hold him accountable also prosecuted even if the Kurds."

He said Karam asking, "Why do provides little of the National Alliance, who is leading the government and his ministers Alvesadin years to eradicate since the announcement of the resignations instead?".

Karam, in his interview with the (range), believes that "the problem lies in an attempt to jump on the Kurdish component quotas." He adds, "We heard that some of the blocks is provided Kurdish candidates for positions managed by our ministers."

Kurdish lawmaker warned of "skip the political balance and the elections in any future change."

Preferably a member of the Kurdistan Democratic bloc "to choose a new government and send each block the names of a number of ministers to the prime minister with their CVs and the latter selects appropriate."

It involved three ministers as a response for the different Kurdish blocks in the three ministries, namely: finance, culture, and Displacement and Migration. The Kurdish forces lost the post of Deputy Prime Minister and the Ministry of Women and the Ministry of State in the other government limbering last.