Sadr's spokesman accused the political blocs search for "cosmetic repairs" and waving sit

February 25, 2016 23:39

Accused Salah al-Obeidi, a spokesman for the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, on Thursday, political blocs, "did not like the actual reform," a search for "cosmetic reforms", and also confirmed the existence of parties that do not belong to the Movement will take part in a demonstration tomorrow, waved the possibility of taking other steps including sit-in in the event of failure to respond to demands for reform

Obeidi said in an interview that "the demonstration tomorrow called by Mr. Sadr prepare a paper to take refuge in the Iraqi street, mass and depth for reform," pointing out that "some of the political blocs have not lived with the issue of effective and realistic reform, but looking for a cosmetic packages, as happened a few months ago that can not accept it. "

He said al-Obeidi, said: "Most of the participants in the demonstration were from the Sadrists, but there are others brought us the data that it will participate grateful for the real reform," adding that "there will be other steps Kaltzepehrt and sit-ins or other if they are not responding to the demands of reform."

Sadr confirmed on Thursday he was determined to present at the demonstration called by on Friday Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, as pointed out that he will deliver a speech, and then everyone goes out for Friday prayers.

And issued the chest, on Wednesday (February 24, 2016), instructions for participants demonstration tomorrow involving prevention said al-Sadr and any entity or organization or party "at all," calling to be chanting the national standard and not to raise any banner or flag is the Iraqi flag and not to carry any a weapon of any kind.