Douai: Missan refinery investment the first project of its kind in Iraq in 2000 and provides a degree of functional

Thursday 25-02-2016 | 4:46:26

Twilight News governor of Maysan Ali Douai / said on Thursday that the project of Maysan refinery investment is the first of its kind in the country, announcing that this project will be on the first two phases of which fill the local need and the other for the purpose of export to the outside.

This came while attending the foundation stone of the refinery Maysan Investment International Ceremony capacity of 150 thousand barrels per day in the presence of deputy minister of oil for refineries and members of the House of Representatives and members of the Board of Maysan province, and senior state officials and a group of citizens, according to a statement issued by the Information Office of the Governor.

The governor of Maysan in a speech during the ceremony, he was the cornerstone of the international Maysan refinery primarily placed on the land area (2420) acres and a production capacity estimated at 150 thousand barrels and the duration of the completion of four years and in two phases.

He added that the first phase to meet the needs of the province and the country of oil derivatives products of high quality is detrimental to the environment, while the second phase are for export.

Douai and pointed out that this project is the first large investment project in the oil filter sector in all parts of Iraq and executed by a coalition of Maysan International Inc., which includes Chinese Bohan Company, a state-owned company is a major engineering companies and processing and the Chinese construction company Satarim Swiss and that the Iraqi government and the banks did not intervene in the financing of the project at all.

He stressed that the local government in Maysan oversee Tam oversee its implementation where the products will be the highest international environmental standards and local market directly and will move as well as providing nearly 2000 jobs for the people of the province.