Brent crude falls to $ 34.15 a barrel

15:37, February 25, 2016

Economy - opinion -
Oil prices hit a new low on Thursday, after rising yesterday to the United States after strong demand for gasoline dominated the concerns raised by the rise in crude stocks to a new record level. "
The total circulation of the global Brent crude "Brent" price of $ 34.15 a barrel by 10:25 pm Moscow time, down by 26 cents from the last settlement price because of the glut in supply in global markets, which varies the volume of production in excess of global demand between one million and two million barrels per day. "
It fell WTI futures 30 cents to $ 31.85 a barrel. "
The price of oil recorded some improvement in the market on Wednesday raised the figures show a decrease in US stockpiles of fuel and national production. "
Some traders believe that the "US and Brent crude will fall in the coming days with the continued opposition" OPEC "to cut production, and with the entry of refineries in the United States, seasonal maintenance cause the largest increases in crude stocks."
The analyst said the "CMC Markets Australia" group, Michael McCarthy, said that "the reality is that OPEC will not be able to do anything," he said, adding that the organization "does not have the capacity to its members moved format, and anyone who expects OPEC to take an important decision, We will develop very disappointed. "
The Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi said Tuesday he hoped that next month's agreement not be reached with Russia, Qatar and Vzuela only, but also with other countries in order to freeze the production. "
On the other hand, it announced the Minister of Energy in the United States, Ernest Moniz, the US government has no legal reason to freeze the level of oil production, and will not try to do it. "
Moniz said at a news conference: "We are the government, we do not control and do not seek to control the level of crude oil production in our country."
The statements come after the Doha agreement, which was the participation of the Russian energy minister, Alexander Novak, and his counterparts in Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Qatar, the judge to maintain the average volume of extraction of crude oil at the level of the month of January of this year, it provided that the rest of the oil-producing countries to accede to this agreement ".anthy